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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by RECKLESS_Kiwi, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Hello There today im looking for someone to tell me the best minecraft server host for a bukkit server. If you know of one that lets u do please let me know! Thanks!!
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    I can help you get with almost any host, although it will require a few things, a. that you have a dedicated port (25565) or an IP address like (with any port), it will also require a domain name which costs $15...
    But other than that I can help you get it set up!
    Or even get if you'd like.
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    So i have to buy doamin and when i buy server i do what with that domain
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    Depends on the IP, but using your domain record provider (generally the people you got the host from, or use cloudflare) you can setup a cname record pointing to your servers IP address.
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    You can use A-name's to redirect the domain to your Ip as long as your port is 25565
    An for a host I recommend BeastNode.
  6. Or you can make a SVR record, if you want to point your domain to an IP that does not have port 25565
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    How Would I Do That
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    Mortalsinn is a great minecraft host. They aren't the cheapest BUT they are the best (imo) their web hosting is unlimited and supports A Records and is really easy to set up...basically you do this:

    - buy a domain name

    - Log in to the domain name controls and set the name servers to point to NFO

    - Log in to your NFO account, go to web hosting section...

    - add your domain name then point your server IP to a sub domain...

    - making sure to use "A" Record
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    Ok thanks a lot
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    no worries. I know my instructions were brief but if you do go ahead with this I'd be happy to help you in detail regarding name server addresses and sub domains etc.... It's really not that hard and NFO's control interface makes life really easy. I've been with them for almost two years and couldn't be happier
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    Would work as well because i like them better
  12. I don't like Unlimited hosting, They are oversell. Nothing in this world is unlimited.

    Or If you have some sysadmin knowledge, I recommend starting with VPS :) is good, they are expensive but they quality is no doubt.

    I assume you already have a DNS manager for your domain names, it's simple.
    You can create a new SRV record, just name it anything you like.
    So it'll be like this:
    Service should be _minecraft
    Protocol is tcp
    Port is your minecraft server port
    Target is the IP address :)
    It's simple actually
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    eh it all depends on the quality of the host. I can tell you that my site gets over 1.4 million hits per month (Hits not visits) and I have several sites, gigs and gigs of stored data and I've never had an issue. I upgraded from their included web hosting package to a bit of a higher package that handles more connections but yah...their stuff is awesome.
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    puppy3276 Is my current host for one of my servers. They are fully managed and take care of everything, but they are a bit expensive. Its worth it though.
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    lucynora is my current host as I have been using them for the last 2 years. I like their services and they offer a variety of minecraft-ready dedicated servers. Although a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. Right?
    Good luck :)
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    MCProHosting! I am currently using it! If you want to check out my server, PM me! It is easy to set up the server.
    24/7, no downtime, support is 24/7.

    I am currently on their DIRT plan which costs $5.99/mo ($4.49 for first month if you use a promo code). It comes with 768MB RAM, 18 Slots, 24/7 uptime no downtime, it is the cheapest plan I've seen after looking through a bunch of sites!
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