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    Plugin category: Misc
    Minecraft version: 1.12.2
    Suggested name: NaturalFly
    What I'd want
    : I'd like a plugin where every player has an elytra attached to them and they couldn't take it off. When you double space you would get launched in to the air (not teleported), but not when you are crouching or climbing or when you are underwater. There would be a leveling system, you would level after flying more and more. After a certain amount of time you would be able to get launched higher depending on your level. You would also have a timer showing when can you fly next to avoid spamming. The count down would take less time when your level is higher. When you have the permission "Nfly.admin" you would be able to use "/nfly enable" or "/nfly disable".
    Ideas for commands: /nfly /nfly enable /nfly disable
    Ideas for permissions: Nfly.use, Nfly.admin
    When I'd like it by: I would like it in the next month, but any time is okay for me.
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    bump, i guess
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    I will see what I can do but can't promise anything

    Few questions for people who attempt this and for me:

    1) How many blocks to launch up
    2) Do you take fall damage if you don't deploy the elytra after launching
    3) Does /nfly enable and /nfly disable do it just for the player that runs it or for the whole server?
    4) Where should the timer show up, action bar, chat?
    5) What is the formula or general idea for level to cooldown or level to launch power ratio (ex. cooldown: 30 - (level / 10) with a max level of 150, effectively making the slowest cooldown time be 15sec)
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    Probably those leap stuff in server lobbies, but with a leveling system.
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    Thank you for your reply!

    Here are my answers:
    1) With the basic level (lvl.1) you would only be able to launch up to 10 blocks, this number would get bigger by one every time you level up. The maximum level would be 32, and if my calculation are right than at the maximum level you'd be able to launch up 43 blocks.
    2) It'd be great if you could add that you'd take less fall damage, like half the normal.
    3) It would only work for the specified player
    4) If it isn't too hard then the boss bar, if it is too problematic then the chat should do it. And now that you mention this stuff I'd also like a command where you can see your level in the chat. It would be "/nfly profile" which shows you the top 10 players with the highest level, and also how high is yours. "/nfly level" would show an informational thingy about levels and cooldown.
    5) At the basic level when you use your ability to launch up in to the air, you would get a 32 seconds long cooldown, and it'd get less longer by 1 second every level.

    I hope that this was helpful!
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    How exactly do you level up, you would have to stay as long as you can in the air to level up? Also should you deny the player's acces to fireworks?
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    Should the elytra be unbreakable? Does the /nfly disable command make disappear your elytra, and /nfly enable command reappear it again?
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