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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by seanth, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I really enjoyed the ability in the last version of hMod of saying which mobs would spawn. I plugin replicating this would be great
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    Are you talking about when you walk up to a mob spawner you being able to choose what type of mod spawns at that spawner? Or spawning a mob in front of you of specified type?

    If so I'm after that myself, it was a feature I never got to use but had big plans for.
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    I think he means in the, where you could put in what mobs/creatures would spawn in the world.
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    That can be hard, as there is no Bukkit function to change what a monster spawner spawns. Decompiling CraftBukkit in hope to find a way to change it via the server itself atm...

    Update: Found it! Hopefully I can turn it into a plugin :)

    Update 2: The variable that tells the mob spawner what mob to spawn is a private string; you can't change it. :(

    Same with the mob spawning, there doesn't seem to be a mob spawning event in Bukkit yet.

    Update: How could I miss it? It's CREATURE_SPAWN D:
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    I would love to see a mob spawning plugin that I could select in the properties of which mobs would spawn. Hope to see it sometime :) Thanks for the work!

    This is what my old server properties looked like and I would love some of these options again:

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    need that, too! :(
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    Not so much interested in changing what mobspawn cages actually spawn (I think someone released a plugin for this already).

    As Carsonatar and xenosepter figured out, what I am looking for something allowing me to define what monsters/animals spawn in the world...not just from spawn cages.

    Does that mean there is hope?
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    I don't believe this is currently possible since Bukkit is missing the necessary methods to capture this event. It could be possible by going through net.minecraft's code, but who wants to stare at that?

    What we're looking for is an onEntitySpawn (or onCreatureSpawn) event listener which can relay data about the entity. Then we can take the necessary action, like removing this entity if we don't want it to spawn, or creating one of the same type nearby to increase the spawn. The plugin can be coded for the most part, but it's missing the on spawn listener to make it work.

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