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    Plugin Category: I dont know

    Suggested Name: Nations

    What i want: I want a plugin that lets players join Nations. There will be 2 nations (Names customizable) so for an example the nations is Green and Red. When a player join for the first time they have to choose a nation. So a player choose nation Green and can only chat with players in his nation, and they can't attack each other. The other nation Red is the same. Players in red can only chat with players in Red and can't attack each other. You can switch nation if you want but it would cost you money (MineCraft money of course). If its possible you could add an balance system to make the nations have about the same amount of players

    Each nation has their own King. The King is selected every Monday morning at 10.00 am (CET +01:00). At wednesday 10.00 am (CET +01:00) all players in the nation can type /vote <player>for an player to be King. The player with most votes is king for a week. The king has more permissions (customizable) and is able to talk to the other nation. But the King CAN'T switch nation untill the next king is voted. Each day every third hour its Nation War. Which teleports all players to a place where they can fight with the other nations players. The nation war is 30 minutes long and at the end, the nation with most kills, wins. OR the nationr who has defeated the other nations General wins. (The general is an npc boss with much health and is spawned at the nations spawn. At the end, all players get an reward and teleports back to spawn.

    I want prefixex to the players who are in the nation. Like the king has a prefix who looks like this [King]. If this is customizable it would be perfect.

    If its possible i would love to have this plugin to support Heroes.

    Ideas for commands:

    Player commands:
    /nation choose <Nation> - Choose a Nation
    /Vote <player>- Vote for a player to be King
    /join NationWar - Join the Nation War

    Admin commands:
    /nationwar set spawnpoint <nation> - Set the nations spawnpoint in Nation Wars
    /nationwar set generalspawnpoint <nation> - Set the nations general spawn point in Nation Wars

    Ideas for permissions:
    nations.player - player commands
    nations.admin - admin commands

    When i'd like it by:
    As soon as possible :)
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