Question Naming items as a donor perk -- Against EULA or not?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by oceantheskatr, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Hi, I'd like to bring up something that I've been wondering about for the past year, ever since the EULA began to be "enforced". Is giving the ability to name items/weapons/armour/etc. as a donation perk against the EULA? I am not asking for my server, but out of curiosity. (My players can slave away to have pretty sword names, lol!)

    Naming items is a purely cosmetic feature, which is something that the EULA allows and encourages, however, giving this perk would make it so that donators don't have to spend their enchantment levels on naming items which is giving them an advantage (allowing them to spend their enchantment levels on actually enchanting).

    Here's the thing though, named items don't give any advantage whatsoever, it doesn't make you hit harder, run faster, jump higher, it just looks pretty... at the expense of enchantment levels.

    What do you think? Is this something that would be OK to be a perk on a server? Leave a reply down below, I look forward to reading your answers/opinions.

    NOTE: If you're going to reply, please provide reasons on why you think it is or isn't against the EULA and don't just give a yes or no.

    (Also, let me know if it's already been covered elsewhere :p)
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    as long as it doesn't effect game play then it should be allowed.
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    Regardless of whether or not it technically breaks the EULA I wouldn't be too worried. As a player myself, I personally HATE it when donors are given significant in game advantages regardless of whether its against the EULA or not and I'm not likely to revisit a server that does this. In saying this, with an advantage as small as this, I would be less concerned by whether its technically against the EULA and more concerned by whether the players themselves deem it fair, and I assume they would.
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    I agree. It definitely would not attract the attention of those who enforce the EULA, as their main focus is servers that are massively pay-to-win or to even stand a chance or really do anything on the server.
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