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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by WarmakerT, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Is it possible to change the nameplate name and keep the skin now that you can change it's colour?
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    Only with Spout.
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    Are you sure? The Lord of the Craft said this was possible without any client modification:
    "Hey #LOTC,
    In light of some recent tricks I’ve discovered in the bukkit API regarding packet modification there are some new functionalities I could code without needing a client mod. So here’s a poll (or two) to see if the community wants them!"
    "Would you like to be able to set your overhead name as your RP name? (no client mod needed)"
    Edit.: They might be wrong though =P
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    Herp derp, bump
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    ZeusAllMighty11 Retired Staff

    Yes it's possible somehow. MCCTF manages to give blue and red plates without skin changing, but they don't say how they do it since I don't know who does their developing...

    Changing your overhead name permanently MUST change your skin no matter what, because the skin is tied to the username?
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    Use the search function, this has been answered so many times.
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    Impossible without changing skin. Go on MCCTF, the skin gets changed. Also, it has been stated several times before how to do it.

    Edit: Apparently since 1.3, mcctf doesnt change the skins. I know before it was, so I am not sure.
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