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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: NameDisguise

    What I want: To do a command and it renames you in tab, your nametag and in commands (Example: /namedisguise and it changes your name to a name in config) You would refer to their new name in commands and tab as if their old one didn't exist then do /undisguisename to undo it.

    Ideas for commands: /disguisename

    Ideas for permissions: namedisguise.use
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  2. Can't you just use LibsDisguises or ProtocolLib?
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    LibsDisguises changes how you appear but not your playername and ProtocolLib is a dependency for LibsDisguises
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    Ok I will do this. But first, it chooses a random name from the config? Or the player sets their name? Or the player gets a preset name from the config?
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    in the config you list names and when you do the /disguisename command it randomly chooses a name that was set
  6. @danielz3d This has been made before at least twice on here. Just do a little googling.
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    @bwfcwalshy whenever I google anything with the words disguise and bukkit, it comes up with Disguisecraft, LibsDisguises, BeTheMob and MobDisguise
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    @danielz3d I have finished it and am uploading it now. Just saying the name is still NameDisguise.
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    Yes! Thank you, I really need this.
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    @danielz3d Please mark the post as filled. Helps the rest of us save a couple of seconds when browsing the forum. :)
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