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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Exus, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Hello, I have been looking for a Name Color plugin, so far there have been decent ones, but not any to suit my needs.
    I am looking to have a plugin where you can set a name color, but also you can be able to have an exclusive permission to access custom-colored name. It opens a GUI where you can select colors, which you choose colors for each letter in your name. It is hard to explain, but let me put it this way:
    You select a color, it colors the first letter in your name the color you selected, then it moves on to the next letter, and the next. So if you press green green red red, your name will be half green, and the other half red (four letters in player's name).
    I mean I can probably code this with python but I do not know java. :/

    /namecolor <color>
    I can create a custom GUI for namecolor using ChestCommands plugin, just need the commands.

    /nextcolor <color>
    for choosing special colored name. I can create a GUI for this also, but I cannot branch off a player's name into individual characters. So I need it to send text into chat on what they picked so far.

    Thanks a lot to anyone who takes on this challenge.
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    I would be happy to take on this challenge xD
    It might override essentials nicks tho.
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    Alright, thank you very much.
    Sure, make it overide essentials /nick if that's what it takes.
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    Do you have a spigot or bukkit server?
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    I have a spigot server.

    Here is something optional you can add. You do not have to, but if you want to make it more awesome, you can.
    Here is an idea, a GUI for /nextcolor.

    This is the normal /namecolor GUI I have. I created it using ChestCommands.




    And so on...
    That would be the normal /namecolor GUI that I already have. I can't make multicolored names in the way mentioned. When I press a color, it would run the command /namecolor aqua or /namecolor dark_green.
    NOTE: Use the technical names found on
    for /nextcolor <color> and /namecolor <color>. I have not used technical names for the GUI color titles above.

    You don't need to make any GUI, I am just giving more information on the idea of this plugin. As I said, it is optional to make a GUI for /nextcolor. That would involve another command to open it though, but here is the idea:


    This is when selecting the color of the first letter in the players name. The letter they are currently on is undermarked with an underline (&n). The letters they have not selected anything on should be light grey (&7), I disabled white names on my server because of contrast issues when chatting, makes it easier to read when it is light grey. So that picture shows them selecting the first letter.


    This is the player selecting the color for the 5th letter 'x' in their name. Again, it is undermarked because that is the color they are selecting. So I hope that have you a general idea on a GUI for /nextcolor. If they exit the menu at any time when the process is not complete, just have nothing happen and the name goes back to what it was before the process or...
    In the photo above, they are about to select the color for the letter 'x'. They don't and exit out. That would leave their name like this: TheExus.
    If you decide to make a GUI for next color. I advice making an option to toggle the chat responce of /nextcolor, since they wouldn't need to be told on what their progress is since the GUI name/lore helps. Also note that that GUI is just a chest, so it needs to be 2 rows only.

    Sorry if I bombarded you with info, I wanted you to have a clear image on what you are working on. :)

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    If you want, we can meet up on my server or something.

    I said something wrong and my messages have to be approved my a moderator... :/ If you can see this I wrote a ton of info above.

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    You still working on this plugin?
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