MySQL Setup?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ProjectInfinity, Feb 23, 2011.

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    you need to have a mysql server and database connector .jar in main folder
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    That won't help me. I am looking for information about MySQL, not the server setup itself.

    Is there any documentation on this? I don't get why bukkit needs to be so much more difficult to use.
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    bukkit neither has nor requires mysql support.. does not REQUIRE mysql

    apparently you are trying to use a plugin which does.. you need to check with the plugin author

    or google mysql setup

    this post is invalid.. nothing to see here.. move along - mughi

    i misread your request and then borked my response.. sorry for the misinformation

    it definitely does not REQUIRE mysql support

    plugins can use mysql if they want though

    i just don't think it uses it by itself for anything
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    also, searching for mysql on this site brings up several plugins.. perhaps the threads/authors/source code for those plugins would help

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    TnT Retired Staff

    In my opinion (personal opinion, may not be the opinion of other Bukkit staff) that MySQL is overkill most of the time. Are you really sure you need it, or just using it because some mods support it?

    How is it a death blow? You could just have your web gui read the flat files.

    Also, as mughi noted, some plugins offer MySQL or SQLite support. There really isn't anything in Bukkit that requires MySQL support. None of the flat files from the default server are more than a couple dozen lines. It might be added in, just like hMod had, but I do not know if they are working on it or not.
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