Filled MYSQL in game register for website.

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    Plugin category: WEB ADMINISTRATION

    Suggested name: MYSQLWebRegister ?

    What I want: For this plugin I would like a way for the users to register for the website from in minecraft. For example this would add the users Minecraft username into the database followed with the chosen password from the user.

    Here's an example of a server that uses this idea, (

    Ideas for commands: /webregister [password]

    Ideas for permissions: webregister.player

    When I'd like it by: Time that's best for the coder.
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    What are you planning to use this for? If it is for a forum software then you might want to look into some plugins for your particular forum software that can do such a thing.
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    Nah, it's for a coded PHP login :')
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    Add me on skype, I can do it
    Skype: basdv98
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    basdv98 Not allowed to take the conversation to skype. Please read the read me first.
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    So inside minecraft you can register to login on the website? If so that shouldn't really hard :)
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    Decided to have a go at it myself and manged to do it! Shows what you can do if you learn!
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    good job!

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