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  1. So, im using MyCommand on my server and i have gone a bit "more advanced stuff". I don't really know how this works but i know a bit about it. But i thought that i'm going to make that they need empty inventory to execute a specific command. I did like this but it won't work. It's the first line that won't work
    "- $Script$HasEmptyInventory==true" Thanks for answer!

      command: /event
      type: RUN_COMMAND
      - $Script$HasEmptyInventory==true
      - /warp event
      - $script$%else%
      - /spawn
      - $text$&9(!) &cPlease remove everyting in your inventory and try again!
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    there is a tutorial that explains everything you need to know about MyCommand

    if you already used it please reply to me and ill try my best to help you.
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