Problem/Bug My server keeps crashing

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Thomas9078, Jan 20, 2016.

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    So every now and then, my server crashes. It has done so 6 times in the past 24 hours and I do not know why and do not really understand the crash report. Can anyone help?

    Crash Report:
    Plugins (32):CoreProtect WorldEdit AdminFun Questioner GameModeInventories Essentials GroupManager Buycraft ScheduledAnnouncer2 WorldBorder Lockette EndlessEnchant Votifier VoidSpawn WorldGuard Multiverse-Core NoCheatPlus EssentialsChat Stats Multiverse-Portals Tablist Vault EssentialsSpawn VoteNow ChestShop Autorank Towny HolographicDisplays TownyChat ColoredTags TownyNameUpdater RandomTeleport

    Please can somebody tell me how to correct this?

    Thanks in advance
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