My project was rejected for not being placed in the correct categories

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by dddeeefff, Mar 16, 2014.

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    My project: CommandFallbackBlocker, has been rejected, given the above reason.

    It took bukkit a week to review this incredibly simple project. Must I now wait another week before another bukkit staff member makes another subjective decision?

    Why can't bukkit staff re-categorize the plugin for me? At the very least can't that email say how I need to change it?

    My complaint isn't really about the length of time - I appreciate all staff are volunteers with their own lives, etc - more of the sheer bureaucracy involved.
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    The general category is more for plugins with a wide range of functionality. For example: Essentials. You can change categories by choosing the Edit Project option in the Project Management sidebar.

    When a project is rejected, you should be sent a private message. You're welcome to respond to this message with any questions and I'm sure the staff member that handled your project would happily answer them.
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    Please note, BukkitDev staff are never to touch a project to make changes for an author. If we do make any changes on behalf of an author we will get automatically added to the project as a maintainer. Besides, we aren't here to fix people's problems, we are here to approve projects and files. We would never get anything done if we had to fix all the problems we found.

    While I can understand your frustration having to wait for a project to get approved, we will not approve a project that doesn't fit certain categories or is lacking information just to speed up approval times. It would not be fair to those who take the time to ensure their project meets all our requirements and fits the appropriate categories. I enjoy finding projects that meet all the requirements the first time, they are a pleasure to approve.
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    Seems like the person who rejected dddeeefff's plug-in took the time to identify his plug-in, thus come to a conclusion that it doesn't fit in general category section.

    What he asked was if he took the time to identify his plug-in and saw that it wasn't in the correct category, why didn't he just move it to the appropriate category, since he already identified his plug-in.
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    Please read my message again.

    If it is not clear, it is not acceptable for our staff to have their name attached to plugins that they are not involved with, as it is confusing and misleading for our community.
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    Because it's not their job, and they're not supposed to make changes on someones plugin, or they will automatically get made a maintainer. Because having to stop and fix someones project means someone else now has to wait even longer for theirs
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    It brings me to an idea,
    Should the BukkitDev Staff be able to at least recommend a category?
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    Many times we do exactly that. It takes longer to check projects, but seems to help.
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    So it turns out that I received a private message through dev.bukkit as well, which included, as well as the above information:

    I'm not sure how it can be claimed that my plugin is mis-categorised and that the description is unclear - if you don't understand what it does how can you say it is mis-categorised?

    That said, I think the description is clear enough. Anyone who has been following bukkit development will know what command fallbacks are, and if you don't know what they are, this plugin is not suitable or designed for you.

    TnT it really doesn't take much effort to just tell me the categories you think are appropriate; far less than explaining the limitations of bukkit's software to different people two or three times in the same thread. That said, I'm glad to hear that there is a genuine software-based reason why you couldn't alter the project yourself. Thanks for the reply.
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    If it doesn't take much effort for us to provide categories, it should take even less effort for you to get them right the first time. If you wish, for your projects, we will just keep placing them under changes required until you find the appropriate category for your plugin, as it is clear you do not want our suggestions.

    Most server administrators do not closely follow Bukkit development. You should write your descriptions for that audience, as they will be the vast majority of people seeking to use your project.
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    I hope you didn't take that as a disrespect, I was just trying to make what he was saying clearer.
    HelpfulBeast has a point though.
    Also, could that not be changed? An admin checks and changes the category of a project without getting added as a maintainer?
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    Not at all. Clarification is always appreciated.

    I see no reason to make our staff do the work for others. If we were to do that, where would we draw the line? Fixing spelling mistakes? Documenting missing information? Writing the plugin itself?

    It is up to the author to write their plugin and present it on BukkitDev properly, we will not get involved correcting mistakes for others.
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    TarikBerk I work on the helpdesk in the company I work at. Very often there are issues that I could fix myself instead of dispatching the issue, but in doing so, it reduces my time allocated at reviewing other more important issues. There is even times when what I would think is the way to fix the problem, is not the best way to fix it.

    It is the same case with bukkitdev reviews. They could either review 100 projects, or review 30 and fix the problems.
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    Zach does have a good point also. BukkitDev reviews projects as quickly as possible to make it less stressful to the others. Although I still like the category help idea, I can understand why they should let the project managers fix the errors themselves.
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    Obviously not, since, after reviewing the categories list, I'm still not certain where the changes made are good. The staff are more familiar with the categories than us so don't need to read the list, and every time a plugin is rejected for the categories being wrong, it pushes back the release date.

    The plugin is not targeted at those who do not understand how bukkit works, much as bukkit itself is not targeted at those who do not understand how bukkit works - I'm pretty sure I've seen people justify the lack of a one-click installer for bukkit for this very reason.
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    You will get the hang of it eventually I am sure. :)

    Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast as the projects are not ours to change. As you stated, you know your project best. It is unreasonable to expect a team of volunteers take on this task for you. I see no reason to layer on more policies and bureaucracy, even further delaying releases, by asking us to fix everything we find wrong with every project. At the end of the day, the approval process is a team effort between our community and our BukkitDev staff. If everyone does their part it goes really smooth.

    Actually, we try our best to ensure people who do not know how Bukkit works to have all the information they need to be able to transition from running a vanilla Minecraft server to running a CraftBukkit server. There are many reasons we do not have automatic installers, partly because we shouldn't have to take time away from developing Bukkit to create an auto installer for every OS someone wants to use, and partly because running a CraftBukkit server from the command prompt helps our community learn more about how a CraftBukkit server operates. I have seen many people have no idea how to fix problems with their server after using an auto installer. But I digress, whether or not we make auto installers is not the point of this thread at all. No sense in further derailing the post about that matter, I just wanted to point out your misunderstanding and correct your misconceptions.
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    Auto-installer? Minecraft doesn't have an auto-installer, why would CraftBukkit?
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    They do it to me most of the time. :)
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