My concern for new Bukkit developers

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by LukesComputers, Jan 26, 2014.

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    I have noticed in the quite recently there has been a lot of new Bukkit developers. I have seen that many of them do not get a good foundation of basic Java. This concerns me because now the forums are stuffed with questions about "bugs" that they have, when it is really that they do not understand how a "if" statement works. I do not know why I am venting here but this concerns me.
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    Look, everyone needs to start somewhere...
    And sometimes they just need help.
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    I don't about you but I didn't learn Java because I wanted to make plugins. I learned because I had a interest in programming. A lot are people are learning just trying to make plugins, not Java. This leaves them with a unstable foundation of the basics.
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    well bcreator is coming out soon so alot of the noobs can use that
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    Will bcreator allow the construction of basic plugins or advanced ones too?
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    i dont know its not out yet
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    first of all. there is coming new bukkit developers every day.

    instead of making this stupid judging thread, why don't you make an effort of making people actually learn java then? you can be a rolemodel for others, instead you make this thread about your concern about others choice.
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    This threat isn't stupid or "judging", it's a valid concern and one that's very common and has been talked about several times without anyone being offended. It's pretty hard to be offended seeing as nothing he said contained an ounce of hostility.
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    I agree certainly on both sides its hard to explain but lets give it a try:p

    I started without any foundation of java I even didn't know about private, static, protected I only had a little bit experience of php which I thought I whas really good in (whilst not cough cough) so I just posted questions about it just to see if I could compair some elements of my php knowledge to java by verifying it with some code, honest I think this is also a way of learning and I learned alot and soon or later I mentoided eclipse throwed errors which gave me slowly the feeling I whas learning OOP in a whole new genre:), in this case I won't say learn java to a post if I clearly see the op has tried to make code and tries to verify if its correct.

    on the other hand if the op would say things like how does if() works then I will agree and say yes learn java.

    though I'm really thankfully for the people taking the time to help me it gaved me so much better point of view to OOP than I had when I started with php, I just can't stop java now its to luxary...:p
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    I agree
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    nkrecklow xize why event make a thread with a concern about other people's choice?
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    til it's best to not discuss issues.
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    I learned java to make bukkit plugins. I started programming because of my interest with video games.
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    Where's the +100 button?

    That's basically all that needs to be said for current developers to agree. As for the new developers, it takes a whole lot more for them to listen up. Sometimes, they never will.
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    I laughed when you said this.
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    Uhm, I wanted to learn java so I could make plugins for my server, I've always thought that coding sounded interesting.
    I learned some java fundamentals and then moved over to the bukkit API.
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    Keep in mind, this is the perfect experience for younger developers looking to get started. Companies don't hire in this field because you have a degree... they hire because you've taken the initiative to get involved in projects and earned yourself experience despite not actually working in the field. Open source projects are usually what those developers need to learn and make a name for themselves.

    So it may concern you that Bukkit forums are filled with people who are just starting out, but to me that shows a bright future for the field I work in.
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