My Code To My Plugin Has Been Stolen

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by gamer1097, May 14, 2013.

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  2. I like is delicous..
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    CaptainBern Yes. Yes it is.

    We really got off topic didn't we?

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    Just a bit.
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    Where's the love for A&W?
  6. I believe Seph works at Mojang.

    Bukkit releases the SERVER Mojang releases the client.
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    It doesn't matter if anyone who is related to Bukkit at all works at Mojang if the project isn't actually licensed by the company. Even if someone like Jeb were to go off and give copies of the Minecraft jar to random people on the street, it would still be illegal unless he has explicit permission from whoever owns the Minecraft license.

    The exception that is granted to Bukkit, and indeed, most other groups that technically violate Minecraft's agreement by distributing code, is given because sources like these distribute solely the server code. Having a free server is great, but no one is going to be able to use it without an actual Minecraft account.

    Furthermore, the actual vanilla server jar is available straight from the Minecraft site itself, open for anyone to download. Notch knew what he was doing -- he knew that people couldn't do squat with a sever without a client to play it with.

    That's why Bukkit and friends are still around -- there's absolutely no logic in going after a project that distributes itself as harmlessly and as openly as the actual game does.
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    I feel really bad for this guy. That totally sucks that someone would steal your code. If only there was a way you could prove that it was your code and that someone would help you something about it…I guess that is how life is, UNFAIR!
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    I know this was already said MANY times, but I will repeat it.

    You need to release the code. Make a nice, beautiful Bukkit Dev page, and put the plugin on there. Encourage people download the plugin through, and earn reward points. With those reward points, you can redeem them for money and other good stuff. That way, this guy won't have a unique plugin anymore, but he will have a ton of competitors.

    By the way, what is the plugin?
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    How do you not have a copy of your own source? How could the person take it? Next time, obfuscate and annotate yourself as the author all over the place.
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    Did he steal your code? Or just the compiled jar? If its just the compiled jar, then good luck fixing bugs and adding features. You can continue your plugin and add more features and fix its bugs.
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    Stealing a compiled jar is just as bad as stealing code because it can just be decompiled. Even obfuscation won't prevent that, though it will make it a lot harder to understand.
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    Well, that got a bit off topic.
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