My Code To My Plugin Has Been Stolen

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by gamer1097, May 14, 2013.

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    Hey Guys Just Wanted To Say I Have Been Developing a plugin for a server. For the past week and a half. and i woke up this morning to find I was kicked of the team and that he has my plugin. Now the plugin has a small bug in it and when he gets someone to fix it that person will take all credit of my work and. And also this was meant for a chain of servers so hes going to make a lot of money of it and its gonna get poplar real fast. What can I Do to prevent this. I have multiple witness that this is my plugin?

    Its Called MobAPA btw

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    call the fbi
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    I'm only 15
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    Call the wambulance; this happens all the time. It would be nice to know who the jackass is though so we can avoid.
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    His Name Is <mod edit: removed name & shame>
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    There is absolutely nothing you can do really (Sorry :(). Unless is worth a substantial amount (5k+) not autority is realy going to look into it, they have bigger fish to fry. May I ask how he/she had acces to the source? I always keep the source for private projects under lock and key until they have paid. And i usually show them my progress on one of my own servers or I obfuscate the .jar I send them.
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    This vaguely reminds me of when I developed a region protection plugin "with" <removed> where he decided to claim my work as his when in comparison he literally contributed less than even 1% towards the code. I wonder if this is similar for <Mod edit: removed> or if you're story is actually true.
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    Bullshit. Especially if they'll be making money from it, he has the right to press charges against them. His age doesn't matter in this situation. If it makes sense to do so will be a different question though...
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    Feindbild Im saying that it will be extremely hard and wold be so close to imposible that there is almost nothing he could do. While yes he does have the rights to it's not worth it if the person is out side his sate/ country it will cost more than the money he would loose. and even if the person did live in the same country/state it's still not gogin to be worth the hassle. I should have worded it better.
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    Watch out guys, internet lawyer here.
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    I would suggest currently just pooling together as much evidence as possible, then if he does start making a worthwhile amount of money, then report it to a law authority. It also depends on the country, some may not look into that sort of issue.
  12. if you put your code and project on bukkitdev, then they can't say they were programming it, because it is your project (mark it as experiential)

    also, if they were saying that they are paying you some money for the code for the project, report them if its on bukkit (read rule 5)
  13. Its a team for a server so they wouldn't post it on Bukkit Dev #PlsRead
    The bukkit rules don't apply everywhere, only on Bukkit.

    OT: Nothing you can do.
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    There's nothing you can do to prevent him from selling your plugin, but nobody will pay for a thing he can get for free. If you still have the source code or at least the .JAR, publish it somewhere. You wouldn't earn any money, but he wouldn't either.
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    I suggest doing this you should even if it was uploaded to GitHub or somthing similar be able to access the code or have it on your system. If so fix it so it works and try and contact the servers he is planning to release it to if possible and say you will supply them with the plugin free of charge some might want a source code just make sure you not doing them over buy it doesn't matter any more anyway.
  16. Solution for next time = use your own external api from a fpt, oh you stolen my plugin? change fpt password.
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    This might sound a bit unorthodox, but the second best thing you can do (Other than calling the authorities) is to release the plugin on Bukkit. Think about it. You want to prevent them from making money off the plugin and marginalize the market cap of their server by having other competing servers offer the same experience with a better reputation. Take out two birds with one stone.
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    The problem is that i dont want it public
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    Well then your basically fucked... Do you mind posting the name of the team, or the name of the members here?
  20. proof of you having this plugin first?
    Also go report it on the bukkit dev page of the plugin
    EDIT: There is no project called "MobAPA"
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    The Person That Stole It From Me Name is <Mod edit: removed>
  22. uh okay? Bukkit dev name?
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    It's a good idea to actually read the OP before passing judgement about it.

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  24. oh w/e
    swat them
  25. I don't think you can call the autorities for this, unless you have copyrighted the plugin, if you didn't then a guy with a big moustache and a donut will laugh with you,but you can still try to take some kind of copyright on it and try to proof they are using your code and stuff, but still it will be difficult because from wich moment code is a copy? Didn't we all made that one program once that has been created milions maybe bilions of time(I'm sure you all know this)? And also when they change like 5 lines of it, is it still a copy then? I'm really sorry, the only thing you really can do is warning people for this person and screw his reputation (if he even has one)...

    What wrote can be wrong, it's not because a guy with an avatar that wears glasses can't be wrong.
    Kind regards,
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    Remember that I can't tell if you've replied to me or not unless you quote or tag me. I only saw this because I happened to come back to this thread a few minutes after I posted in it.

    Regardless, this isn't the place for jokes. The OP has a serious problem, don't make light of it just to be a comedian.

    gamer1097, releasing the plugin to the public is probably the best option you have right now.
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    I'm confused in the issue here. Is this project on ? Is it a private project that a team of people has/is creat[ed/ing] ?

    If it's a private project, there's nothing you can do about it. I've sold plugins (NOT ON BUKKIT) and people would try and resell them, but thanks to some help from PayPal, I got their PP accounts banned and I could've submitted them for fraud and pressed charges, but I did not. The legal system in Brazil is very weird anyways. I do not know what is like in the US, I don't really pay attention.

    If you have a copyrighted sourcecode with proof that created the plugin, and you have a whole bunch of evidence, you can do something about it. Otherwise, you just have to forget about it, and maybe release the plugin+source so that they can not make any money off of it, as said above.

    Still, they probably wouldn't make a big deal of money, as most of the plugins that people request to be made in exchange for currency, is simple stuff that you can search up or request on the forums here -- and lose no money.

    Sidenote: Kid has jtag in his name, thinks he's major 1337 haxx0r lul
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    Just pointing this out, but since Bukkit is licensed under the GNU GPL v3, technically all plugins developed for it have to be GPL as well, so there's really no case.
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    That may be, but it's essentially impossible to stop all of the developers-for-hire out there.
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    Sure, but it also means there's pretty much no legal case whatsoever. This is why no one ever sues anyone in the Minecraft community. The legality is complicated. Technically, CraftBukkit is illegal, since it distributes Minecraft code under the LGPL, and all plugins not licensed under the GPL (most of them, I believe) are also illegal. But no one really cares.
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