MuteMaster - mute that blocks chatting AND configurable commands

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    Plugin category: Admin Tools/Chat

    Suggested name: MuteMaster

    What I want: A better muting plugin that blocks chat messages in a addition to commands. So you can block /msg or /g or /f desc or whatever you want. It's a bit annoying when players bypass mutes.
    Optional: make configurable for offline time to not count

    Ideas for commands:
    /mute <name> <time> (mutes <name> for <time> and broadcasts a message saying "<name> has been muted for <time> by <command sender>!")
    /unmute <name> (unmutes <name>)
    /imute <name> (shows length of mute, time remaining, and issuer for the mute on <name> - if no <name> specified, command sender)

    Ideas for permissions:
    mutemaster.mute (gives permission to mute and unmute)
    mutemaster.exempt (prevents user from being muted) (gives permission to /imute)
    mutemaster.notify (optional - notifies user when a muted player tried to talk/use a blocked command)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible (2 weeks or so)

    Suggestion for Coding: add player to a list on /mute and schedule to remove after <time>
    when a command is sent or somebody sends a message, if player is on the list cancel the event and tell the user "You are muted for <time>!" then to all players with mutemaster.notify "<name> tried to <action>!"

    Additional Note: tell user when their mute is expired ("You are no longer muted!") and possibly the issuer ("<name> is no longer muted!")

    I think many people would like this plugin. Can anyone make it?
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    Create a muted group which remove perms for commands which output messages. Move muted players to that group. You could even use a plugin which bind commands together to have a uniform /mute.
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    Seems more complicated then it has to be..

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