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    Hello, I have been looking for a plugin that would fall under the Admin Tools category. It would basically allow admins to mute all players at once with a simple command, then have every message they sent /broadcasted across the entire server.

    Permissions -
    muteall.exempt (for staff, makes them exempt from the primary command)
    muteall.use (allows use of the primary command)
    muteall.reload (pretty self explanatory lol)

    Commands -
    /muteall (mutes all that don't have muteall.exempt
    /muteall reload

    I would also like a config option to decide weather or not to broadcast the player's messages who /muteall'd.

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    I made this for a private server I worked for a while back, let me edit it and I'll get it to you shortly! :)

    UPDATE: I've finished it.

    You can download the latest build from Jenkins here:

    And the source is on GitHub here:

    It's all the same as you said except the exempt perm is bypass instead, let me know if there is any bugs etc :)
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    connorlinfoot thanks! Ill try it out today. I'll also try timtower 's

    connorlinfoot It all works as intended, and is very clean and nice. Thanks! Although, I would really like for those with the bypass permission's chat to be broadcasted whenever the server is muted. This is great though.

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