Multiworld! Nether! A planet full of creepers!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by Dinnerbone, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Any news on solving block destroying on reconnect issue? It's really annoying to go into primary world each time.
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    I'm sure Notch will add this to Minecraft like the lighting mod. But before that, this is gonna be really fun! Can't wait to try it!
  3. YES THEY CAN SAVE DAISY NOW i was wondering why the episodes just cut off
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    I for one would prefer just to run 1 single server and have mods set up differently per world then to try and run multiple servers. For 1 i don't think the computer i run it on would handle running more then 1 sever at a time, yes if you have a full server and have the ability to do so it would be just fine. But as I personally don't I would like to have the mods set up on a world to world basis not a server to server basis. (I know that i can run more then 1 world just not more then 1 server. Have the ram for it just not the processor for it. And i like to play on my server or another server while I'm hosting mine, so if i run 2+ servers that isn't possible.)
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    Plugins have to support world-per-world. And i think most plugin authors supports or plan to support that.
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    Where can we view the current project status? There doesn't seem to be any obvious post or page on the website.
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    Adam McFarland

    I was wondering the same thing, is this still being worked on or was it simply just a sample of what could be for other plugin devs to work off?
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    Um, this is something in bukkit that plugins use. This is neither an example or a release, it's saying "hey plugins can now do this"
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    Adam McFarland

    ahh, well I like it a lot, guess I should get off my lazy bones and check out Nethergate or Multiworld
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    So, what was the verdict on removeWorld and/or unloadWorld? I personally feel both functions would be useful. Remove world would be nice for things like instancing (a plugin using MCMapper to generate instance dungeons would be awesome), and we wouldn't want all the various world files sitting around taking up drive space. The use-case for unloadWorld isn't as readily apparent, but it still seems like there would be situations in which an admin or addon may wish to shut down access to a particular world without deleting it (this would of course require a reloadWorld function to be at all useful). Also, some sort of handle besides the name of the world would be cool (may be there already, but I didn't see it). Finally, any updates on custom generators (see MCMapper comment above)? Thanks for all your hard work Dinnerbone.
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    I was wondering, how does Multiworld "work"? I mean, does it host two servers at once? Does it add the alternate worlds side-by-side to the main, outside the maximum walk distance? Does it host it above/below the main world?
    I've not found anywhere which says how you did it. I would just like to know because its interesting!
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    None of the above. They are separate worlds, separate folders, separate everything. It's hard to describe how that works exactly. It's just separate.
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    I has idea:
    How about making it so you can only use the commands in portal blocks? That would make it way more reasonable.
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    This is only core support. Plugins determine, how can worlds be used.
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    In game, moving world feels like "teleporting" to the other world, so it feels like you're moving from one location to another very far away. This suggests they are both loaded at the same time in the same 'world'.
    However, when you travel world, the chunks under your feet disappear and get replaced with the chunks from the new world. This suggests a old world is unloaded (client side) and the new one loaded in, which contradicts the above.

    Unless it does unload one world, then loads the next, but teleports your position from the XYZ of world one (EG world one spawn) to the XYZ of world two (EG world two spawn) at the same time... This would explain the teleportation... Ahh i think it makes sense now...
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    It just does that effect because we tell the client to forget everything about the world it knows, we're sending them to another one.
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    download link is down?
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    Timing is coincidental, so I'll bite- if you were trying to download NG, the link should be back up. If you were just talking about CraftBukkit, then nevermind. :D
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    No no the download link to netherbone.jar file on page one is down. so where do I download the plugin?
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    It's not a plugin it's built into Bukkit.
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    Actually, Netherbone is a plugin- but it's really just a test plugin DB made, he probably removed it. You're better off using one of the many supported nether plugins out there.
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    i dont get how to make a world, the TUT you made i didnt get! please help
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    Create a portal, walk through it. Make sure NG is working before you start playing with the console commands, please. There isn't really a tutorial, it's just a single console command :)

    The console commands require permissions, etc- NG is meant to be drop-in, the commands aren't needed.
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    Lord Chaos

    So they load seperate plugins too?
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    Lord Chaos

    The topic sorta died it seems...does anyone know the answer to this?
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    Server load plugins.
    Plugins load worlds.
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    Any news on custom generators, or world deletion (never got a response to my other post)?
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    Is there a way to have different settings for different world, for example my first world has not mobs hostile/friendly but when i travel to the second world via voxelport it has enemies and mobs. any way to fix this?
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    I've been looking all over the internet and I cannot seem to find out how to add another world, somebody pleas help me! Also, is it possible to seed the new world?
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    yes to all of the above, look in the plugin list
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