Multiworld-Multi inventory for creative?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by NotYetRated, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Does anyone have or use a method of enabling a "creative" world on a SMP server, while keeping separate inventories for both worlds? So players cannot bring anything from the creative world in to the SMP world?

    I was using "creativity", but started getting crashes from it with "Too many open files" errors.

    Any other ways of doing what I need?
  2. Do you have any Java experience?
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    I am not much of a coder with exception to MatLab(which is hardly coding) lol... I reply on all of you very talented plugin devs.... Though I did do a quick google search and it seems that the error is from a failure to close process resources? No idea...
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    The plugin is called Multiinv
    Also worldmodes is nice to switch between creative and survival, or controlling it.
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    Perfect thank you!
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    Is multiinv functional with 1185+ bukkit?

    Because if so then I'd be totally happy to switch back to that instead of using Creativity, which I think does a bit more than I really need it to do.
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    I use MultiInv on CB 1317 (actually build 1338) with no problems.
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    MultiInv all the way :D, good to see more people found this gem.
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