MultiWorld economy.

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    Plugin category: Economy, World Editing and Management
    Suggested name: mEconomy

    What I want is simple Economy plugin just like iConomy just with MultiWorld support, seems iConomy is not supported anymore, so I even written suggestion in iConomy, but seems no answer.

    There should be sub-folder for each world just like WorldGuard has (with own config files, databases).

    Ideas for commands: /money, /money top, /money give, /money take, /money set
    Ideas for permissions: meconomy.worldname.(give|top|checkbalance|take|set)
    When I'd like it by: Not matter, I just waiting it for year already ;o
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    iConomy is kept up to date by the towny devs, you can find it here
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    Yes, but it won't have what I want, I would use any other economy plugin if I won't need multiworld support.
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