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    Plugin category: ADMIN/CHAT

    Suggested name: MultiChat

    What I want: I want a multiworld chat plugin. An example is i have 4 worlds. I want world and world_nether in one chat. and world2 and world2_nether in another channel and i want it so it automaticly changes the chat when you change between the worlds with it(This should be done in a config). Also the ability for admins to possibly to see both chats no matter what world they are in.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: multichat.admin

    When I'd like it by: Within a week. No set time.

    Similar plugin requests: None i think

    Devs who might be interested in this: @MultiverseTeam, @essentialsteam
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    i'd be interested in creating a plugin like this. Ive created my own personalized chat channel plugin for my server, so this shouldnt be too hard.

    Thing is, ive never actually developed a plugin for a server that isnt my own, so thats probably something you'd want to know. However, i really should do an exercise like this, because it would be a great learning experience!

    Uhm, how strict would the deadline be, and what exactly do you mean by "automaticly changes the chat when you change between the worlds with it(This should be done in a config)"? (that is, if you havnt already gotten offers :oops: )
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    What i was trying to say was with a normal non multiworld server there is world and world_nether all in one chat. So i want that to be in one chat and then when you change to another world like world2 or world2_nether they run in the same way but doesn't conflict with the other worlds chat. sorry if i didn't explain it to the best of my abilities its hard to explain. And with the config that is where you can tie new worlds to 1 chat and it auto change depending on the world you are on.

    Config e.g

    Also the deadline doesn't really matter but i would like to have it within 2 weeks now because i think this server is going to take a while to setup and do all the spawns and warzones.

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    Off the top of my head.... With multiworlds you can set the prefixes to show what world somebody'll in, and if you run essentials, you can set a block distance that people can hear it from....

    Pretty sure if you did that, ok not the entire world would hear them, but only those close enough too would? If you limit the world size maybe you can accurately set that up so only those in that world can....
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    Okay, i get it. each node is a chat channel, and you can tie worlds to each channel. Got it :3
    If your multiworld plugin actually returns all of the worlds in Bukkit.getServer().getWorlds(), I can guarentee you this plugin within that timeframe.

    if not, well.. What multiworld plugin do you use?
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    i use all the multiverse plugins.

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    what version of bukkit do you use? the latest version of MVC isnt even booting on 1.2.4-R1

    Nvm! i found one that works. They didnt make it very easy to find lol. Yes, i can make this plugin, and ill start today!

    Woo, that was fun :3

    Ive got a version that works, though theres uncaught exceptions in it, (for example, if you have a player in a world that you dont specify to a channel, it will flip out) but nothing that will affect you if you use it correctly.

    If you want, shoot me a message, and ill link you to the source and a zip with the jar and folder, and instructions on how to use it. in the meantime, ill look for bugs and stuff ^ ^

    edit: a few suggestions i can implement

    1) Do players on your server use the /me command? if so, i can make it where it only shows up in their channel

    2) i can also probably make death messages per channel too

    3) i can create a comand that will toggle your OP's abilities to listen to all channels, OR i can make it always on, your choice.

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    1. They will have access to /me
    2. we dont want death messages.
    3. It would be nice to have ops that can listen to all channels or maybe if you use a permissions node your choice.
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    okay, i can cancel death messages, and for 3 i can definitely do that, but two questions

    1a) should listening to all channels be toggleable, or should it happen all the time?
    1b) do you want it usable only by OPs, or permission based (where you can give out the permission to another player who doesnt have OP?)
    2) what about speaking to another channel?
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    1a. Yes toggable would be nice.
    1b. Permission Based.
    2. huh?
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    i mean for those with permissions to LISTEN to another channel, what about speaking to another channel?
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    yea that would be good.
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    got it done :3

    sorry i couldnt work on it yesterday though, but ive got all features working, afaik. May have overlooked a thing or two in bugtesting, however if you want, shoot me a pm and ill get you the jar, or if you prefer, the sourcecode, and how to set up the config file.
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    This is the exact vision I had of a per-world chat plugin with world grouping I've been looking for :D. I was almost gonna code one myself, but I'm not that experienced with coding Bukkit plugins :p. Could I use it on my server?
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    I would say yes, but i cant seem to find my sourcecode anymore :s

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