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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by UltiFix, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Sorry I don't know what to put in the title,
    Ok...... soooo I have multiverse for multiple worlds... and I have essentials for warps tp and stuff, but I just made a creative superflat like world that's only for staff and im going to set a warp there but how wich perm would it be to minus off that one warp when they have the warp all* thing. also would it be possible to add a perm to just completely not allow people there unless they have the perm to allow them there.
    Thanks Sam
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    If you have per warp permissions set to true:
    # Set this true to enable permission per warp.
    per-warp-permission: true
    then you can just take away the warp you don't want them to have like "- -essentials.warps.[warpname]". You can also set per world permissions as follows:
    # Set to true to enable per-world permissions for teleporting between worlds with essentials commands
    # This applies to /world, /back, /tp[a|o][here|all], but not warps.
    # Give someone permission to teleport to a world with essentials.worlds.<worldname>
    # This does not affect the /home command, there is a separate toggle below for this.
    world-teleport-permissions: true
    but as you can see from the comments, it won't prevent warps but at least it will keep everyone else from being able to tp to that world using Essentials commands.
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    Or don't set a warp and just teleport using multiverse teleportation command which is /mvtp (worldname) the world name has to be exactly as it is in your server folder and make sure that whatever group you want to be able to use it has the proper permissions.
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    per warp permissions are good IF you do not have a lot of warps. The easier route is to have multiverse enforce access and give the nodes for the worlds you want people to go to in the groups.
    for your users:
    - multiverse.access.WORLD
    - multiverse.access.WORLD_NETHER
    - multiverse.access.WORLD_END
    then add for staff:
    - multiverse.access.creative
    this node is NOT case sensitive. Now if a user uses /warp creative and they do not have access to the world, they will not go there. not even with a /tp, /tpa, or /tpahere
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    I tried doing that but I have my users be able to set and warp to all warps without per warp permission

    nah but thanks anyway

    How do I enable this option in multiverse config?

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    in your /plugins/Multiverse-Core/config.yml
    Edit the code :
      ==: com.onarandombox.MultiverseCore.MultiverseCoreConfiguration
      enforceaccess: 'false'
      prefixchat: 'true'
      teleportintercept: 'true'
      firstspawnoverride: 'true'
      displaypermerrors: 'true'
      globaldebug: '0'
      messagecooldown: '5000'
      version: '2.9'
      firstspawnworld: Test
      teleportcooldown: '1000'
    Change the line to: enforceaccess: 'true'
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    We had the same problem. One way to fix that is to use an external warps plugin like MyWarp.
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    I tried zport but it wouldn't import the crap.....

    thnx ill try it

    Yea I tried to use zport but it wouldn't import my previous warps.

    THANKS!!!! it worked :D and I didn't even need to get any new plugins..... solved

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    - essentials.warps.*
    - -essentials.warps.superflat
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    i tried that and it didnt work..... it allowed me to go anyway... besides this thread is SOLVED.
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    Okay, but did you try WITHOUT op and WITHOUT "Owner" or "Admin" etc. group and WITHOUT all the permissions in the users.yml?
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