Problem/Bug Multiverse Per respawn worlds not working!!! -- Please help

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Burockk, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Hey Guys, I have a Skyblock Server and I m using Multiverse Core my problem is I have 2 different world one is for lobby skyblock lobby and another one is for skyblock islands now my problem when my players die in skyworld (island world) they spawn in island world again but I want to spawn them in spawn world (lobby world)

    what is wrong in this config can someone help me ? I tried to change respawn world but didnt work help me pls


    I tried /mvm set respawnWorld command but it didnt work please help me TY
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    If you have essentials installed, it overrides that. Just delete the essentialsSpawn.jar file in your plugins folder and restart the server. Multiverse perworld respawn should work after that.
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    You don't necessarily need to remove essentialsSpawn, in the config file
    # Set this to lowest, if you want Multiverse to handle the respawning.
    # Set this to high, if you want EssentialsSpawn to handle the respawning.
    # Set this to highest, if you want to force EssentialsSpawn to handle the respawning.
    respawn-listener-priority: high

    at the very end just set the priority to lowest, if you don't want to remove the /setspawn ect. Just another option:)
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    I've been fighting this issue as well.

    Setting to low didn't fix the problem, and removing essentials.spawn didn't fix it either.

    Does anyone know of any other conflicting plugins? As it stands, on death, players just go back to their last set essentials home.
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    Make sure you have respawn-at-home set to false on your Essentials config.
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    Follow striker2ninja set it as highest not just high. then ingame use /setspawn from your hub or lobby world. Then after that go to the skyblock word (make sure you're an op) type /mvm set memory FALSE

    Go to essentials config and find spawn-point: 'name of your lobby' (you can find it at the bottom)

    Dont forget to STOP your sever. You can also use restart but if you made different kinds of changes then I prefer to stop than restart.
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