Problem/Bug Multiverse keeps spawning in last spawn point

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kampuman, Jun 16, 2015.

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    I'm having difficult time with multiverse spawn thing. I've configured already the essentials.spawn and the worlds.yml from multiverse core. So, I have my main spawn point named (Hub) which player spawn in their first connect. Now I have also (PvP) which is a different world. If a player teleports to PvP world and then he/she logs off from the server, then he/she come back. What happened was that player keep spawning in PvP world, not in the Main spawn point (Hub).
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    I think I solved without using any other Spawn Hub Plugins.


    Use /setspawn (This is for essentials)
    Under Essentials Spawn / New Players (Config.yml)
    - spawnpoint: "YouSpawnWorldName"
    - respawn-listener-priority: highest

    To make sure go to your Multiver-Core. (Config.yml)
    - firstspawnworld: "Your spawn world"

    Restart your server!

    Now my only problem is.. When a player died in World 2 (PvP) he/she should spawned to PvP world. But for me it spawn in the main world (Hub) Any idea? :D
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