Problem/Bug Multiverse-Inventories Item Code BUG

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kampuman, Jun 20, 2015.

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    Well this happens everytime you restart the server. Im using multivese-inventories + hubbasics. Any soloution for this?

    The item became invalid. and you cannot use it unless you disconnect to the server and login again.

    My plugins version

    Or can you please tell me an alternative plugin like multivese inventories?
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    guys anyone??
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    Can you post the file where you make these things in (don't know what it's called, never worked with multiverse-inventories before)
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    I think it's HubBasics. You should contact the developer with this problem and ask about it.
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    thanks guys for the concern! I had to change multi-inventories to multiinv which is much better and less buggy. Well one thing that I didn't like about multi-inventories was it doesn't have MySQL support which is very important, yah know less taking of ram and mem space lol.

    @oceantheskatr Right the HubBasics has some unknown problem so I went back to customjoinitems + chestcommands to make it more cooler.
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    Sweet! :)
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