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    Plugin category: Worlds

    Suggested name: MultiverseInvGive

    What I want: A plugin that allowed the use of a modified /give command which allows you to specify in what world (multiverse) would you want the item to be added to the inventory as MultiInv has seperate inventories for different worlds.

    Ideas for commands: /give {name} {world} {itemid} {item amount} {Possibly enchantment level}

    Ideas for permissions: multiinvgive.give

    When I'd like it by: ASAP.

    I'm mainly desperate for this plugin so I can finally add donation packages for my SkyBlock world.
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    +1 on this. I really want this as well. Could anyone do this?
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    I'd suggest talking to the people behind Multiverse Inventories, this would be a good thing to add to the default multiinv, command could be: /mv give <player> <item> <inventory/world>
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    Yes, but until then, it would be nice to have a plugin to do it, as it would take a while to come out.
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    I actually forwarded this thread to the authors of multiverse inventories, haven't received a reply back though.

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