Multiverse-Core How do u upload ur own worlds??

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by X8ReaperZ, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Hi, i own a server with bukkit and my server has multiple worlds, 2 survival ones, the nether, end world and my own city world. I'm trying to add a world from my Minecraft single player to my server with Multiverse and i am not sure how. I tried just putting it in my server and doing /mvtp (myworld) but it says it dosnt know how to take me there. So i tried to put it in the worlds.cfg file as a world with the seed etc. And that still didnt work, if any1 knows what to do pls relpy. Thanks.
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    /mvimport worldname
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    I use multiworld
    I just copy the world from singleplayer and paste it in the server and creating a world with the same NAME as the singleplayer world and then i can go to the world
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    jjacobson i tried that but it imported something else instead, same name but not the right world. and sverre26 u dont get what i mean i have alot of worlds not just 1 world.
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    Start server
    Copy your old world into the server folder
    /mv import <worldname> NORMAL
    /mvtp <worldname>

    If it looks different, that might just be the coords you end up on. Should check coords in SP, and then teleport to those.
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    i actually thought about doing that but then the coordinates changed for some reason but ill try that thanks :)
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    No problem ;)
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    haha its all good now it worked for some reason without even puting the coordinates thanks for ur help though :)
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