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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MRstrategy, May 29, 2014.

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    I'm trying to make this new pvp server and I need to try to get a few things straight.
    Here's what Im trying to accomplish.

    Have default rank, the rank they get when they first join.
    Have them choose 1 of two ladders. Freeps & Creeps (Free-People) (Crude-Monsters) Sort of like, human versus creature right?
    So, each of them have a total of 15 ranks. all of which costing them Infamy (Currency). Blablabla.
    What I need is this..
    >I have an entire region enclosed, I need to be able to set their separate respawn points.
    Like, freeps spawn point at point A and Creep spawn point at point B.
    >I need to have control points, basically, semi-large buildings scattered through my map (Roughly 5-6 points) in which, the opposite side has to fite through to claim the outpost as their teams.
    >I need to figure out how to keep the ladders from attacking their own team, as in, how to keep the players ranked up in the freep side, from going out into the pvp zone and killing their own team members.
    >This one isn't neccessary but would help A LOT, having npc's fight against the opposite side, as in, Having the Freep's Sides Npcs fight the opposite team if they get to close, an examle would be setting some of these Npc's arround the spawn point to avoid creeps/freeps raiding the other teams spawn.
    Hope I can figure this out! xP
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