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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Multiple Account Detection

    What I want: The plugin tells anyone with the correct permission what other accounts a player plays on the server when they login or on command.

    So for example: An admin bans a player for griefing. Right after this, a new player joins the server. When this player joins, it lists any other accounts the player has that have played on the server. It just so happens that this player is the same one that was previously banned. The admin can now ban this alt account.

    I am not sure how this plugin would work, but I have seen it done before. The server that it was done on has plugins privately made for them, so their plugin isn't out for the public. Something about tracking their IPs to differnt accounts. Possibly the plugin would go through the server's player list located in Essentials and warn of any multiple accounts using the same IP.

    This plugin should tell people with the proper permission straight away if someone has more than one account playing on their server when they login, but there should also be a command to detect it as well.

    Ideas for commands: /accounts [playername] -Will tell if a player has played on the server with any other accounts.

    Ideas for permissions: accounts.detect -Gives the passive ability of being shown any other accounts a player has played on the server in the past.
    account.detect.command -Gives the ability to use the command /accounts [playername] so detect any other accounts a player has previously played on.

    When I'd like it by: When it can get done.
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    I dont think this is possible
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    Yes it is, the server i play on has it, when a player logs in, it sends all administrators a message with all accounts that player has used
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    Ultrabans does this.
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    it should be possible to find out the ip from a a server log...

    Though you can use the plugin "AuthMe Reloaded" and with that you can limit the number of ip registrations on your server while adding even more security to it

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    This seems trivial to implement, at least as long as the ability to get the IP of the player easily exists.
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    Yes, but while the server is running, most admins don't have access to the logs to find out the players IP.
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    I have looked into this idea, and have discovered that I can actualy make this happen.

    You only want the alts to be detected? Or did you want them to be automatically kicked on connection?
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    Just for the alts to be detected. It is just an easy way for moderators and admins without access to the server files to see if players are using alts, and then we can handle it from there.
  10. Try Player - Tracker.
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    That could actually work.
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    So should I finish this plugin?

    I made it use the bukkit banned system; By default it has no configuration; If a alt is detected that has been banned, the user is also banned, then kicked.
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    Yeah people are suggesting other plugins, but I really would like this plugin to have one main specific feature. If you would finish it, I would be much obliged.
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    Ok. I will work on it this weekend and add some polish; So far I have it working but the host->player map is not yet serialized to disk. Java is not the language I use at work so this is just practice for me.

    Many people will only run mods with available source code for security reasons. I don't see the sources posted for that plugin, so that mod may not be an option for many servers. But thank you for posting it as it gave me some ideas.

    Ok not sure what the rules are on double posts so I am editing this post to say the following:

    I have a beta version of this plugin done and I need people willing to test it as it looks like I may have a development environment conflict with my main workstation (We are using Java 7 at work so thats what I have installed at home, and apparently the docs for a plugin say we need 1.6 for bukkit). If there is still interest in this let me know and I can get you a copy.
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    I still have interest in this plugin and will do anything that you need me to do. (Sorry for the late response, been away from my home)
  17. This is in MCBans and I will also be adding this to CommandsEX
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    I have the plugin ready, I just need a tester with a server willing to use it.

    To the people claiming to want to add this to other plugins: Its great that you want to give people what they want as people clearly want this functionality, but lets not all get possessive of the feature or start claiming people don't need this in other plugins. They clearly do, and I created the plugin first because it was requested.

    I dont think it would have been requested if people knew about it in other mods. I also firmly believe that promises to add it to other mods doesn't count, because in my mind people want working code.. not promises of working code. ;) Add it to your giant "platform" mods if you like, I only want this out there so it can be used to protect people.

    The hardest part of this feature is deciding"Hey, this IP equals this person and no matter what they say to us, that is how life is, and if anybody on this IP is banned so are the other people who use this IP".

    The idea of "it was not me, it was my fake-brother-that-I-use-as-a-scrape-goat-that-doesn't-really-exist-but-in-the-past-this-has-got-me-unbanned-so-I-can-create-more-trouble-haha" is clearly not supported, but then again that idea is usually only used by griefers who want to lie and get un-banned so they can create more damage... so I don't care. It makes me happy to make griefers rage :)

    I also personally consider MCBans to be non-constructive for a server admin; I am sure it has value for some people but I see it as easily abused by griefing groups and feel that it is too lax and easy on griefers. If I can create something that is useful and keeps servers safe, I want to.
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    I can set you up with a server, pm me and ill get you going :)
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    Sent you a PM.
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    Wow 21 posts and no one suggested to use /banip

    Seriously NO ONE????
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    Errm banning the IPs aren't the point of the plugin request.
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    Well if none of the other requests are what you are looking for, or the guy making it for you doesn't make what you want. I'll take this up. It will simply have a config.yml (or some other name I name it, like playerDATA or something) It would store all the IP's, and the players that log in from that IP.

    On login the server will check if any IP on the file has more than one user, if so, message people with soandso.perm
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    Well it looks this thread just died :/ I've tried a lot of the suggested plugins that already exist but either they are too complicated and don't meet my requirements or they are not updated.

    All I needed was a plugin that alerted anyone with a certain permissions of any alt accounts a player had when the player logged in.

    Are you still up to doing this? I just started up a server again and still need this plugin :)

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