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    So I bought a server with creepernode and they gave me a multicraft panel but I have no idea how to config files for it and when I get to tutorials all they show is servers hosted off a PC or Mac I really needed help with configing DisguiseCraft if theres anyone out there with a video or just text tut I would really appreciate it . :D
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    What specifically do you need the help with? Give me a list of things you're having trouble with and I'll help you figure it out.
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    Your hosting company should be able to help you, open a support ticket.
    If you want to setup your plugin's config.yml file, just place the plugin under the /plugins directory, run the server, stop your server and look for the plugin's directory under /plugins, upload the config.yml to your computer, edit the file, upload it again to your server and run the server.
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