Multi-Server teleportaition

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 2ECFIGHTING2, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Hi, I know this plugin exists, i first saw it on Hypixel's server. It's a plugin where you can connect to a different server via, walking into a set portal or even typing a command.
    I found one, but sadly it required Spout on the client side.
    So, if you know where this plugin is, i would very much appreciate it!
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    There is one called Bungee cord that will link different servers. If its just linking worlds then you can use Multiverse
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    Yes the plugin does exist. I have absolutely no idea what the plugin is called. hypixel does use bungeecord but yet he also uses a plugin to link the hub via portals. multi-verse portals is used to link worlds not full servers
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    There is a Minecraft mod like Bukkit called Bungeecord. It's basically many servers, linked to one. If you need any help with Bungeecord, you should post on their forums.
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    Bungee-Portals, LilyPad-Portals, MultiVerse-Portals...
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