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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by JamberPilot, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Hello, I am working on relaunching my server and I am looking for a plugin so you can go through a type of portal or something in that sort and it connects you to a different server.
    For Example, I enter a hub server. Then there are portals beyond me that leads to different servers, Could be same creators or whole new server. Then I can go through one. Or Something like you want to go to a factions server or economy server. Is there a plugin like this?
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    Yeah, this has been a really common request on the forums. I believe that codename_B made a nice one, but you're going to have to pay for it (unless he changes his mind? :) ).

    Anyways, this is possible. Until someone releases a public version (they will be considered a... god by a lot of people), you'll have to find a private developer.
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    It's really possible to redirect a player to a entirely different server IP w/o them entering it? :O Could you send a URL to a player that opens in a web browser?
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    Errr... not sure about the web browser thing. That's an external program.

    I have a description as given by codename_B to how the plugin works (at least, I hope so. I have no way of telling if this is remotely true :p):

    "It simply requires reading and interpreting the packets (basically a full mc protocol proxy) and the ability to edit out packets from the datastream and send fake login packets.
    Write an efficient packet system which doesn't require creating a new instance for every packet (making it more efficient than vanilla minecraft protocol yay) and rather having a set instance per-session (client/server) obviously reducing object creation and waste a whole heck of a load.

    The way I did it was to do it that way, and manually rewrite each packet, so I could handle it exactly as I wanted then write a "PacketManager" for client and server sessions."

    So yeah.
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    Ah, can't wait. :)

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