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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Xanderpitz, Jun 10, 2015.

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    So, I own a network hub server that has a donation rank system including 6 ranks: Starter, Experienced, Legionnaire, Veteran, Elite, and Mythical.

    We have a creative server that includes 7 ranks of its own: Planner, Constructor, Designer, Creator, Architect, Engineer, and WorldShaper.

    There is also a 3rd variable in the Dedicatee rank, which is essentially a means to buy the Creator rank and all related perks. It also includes a [D] prefix that will showcase your dedication to the server.

    With all of that in mind, there are instances where a rank will have 3 variables to express: Y/N to Dedicatee rank, Network Rank, and Creative rank. I achieve this by combining rank names together such as StartPlan (starter-planner), DLegArch (dedicatee-legionnaire-architect), etc. The display prefixes would be shown as normal and are not a concern.


    My question is, how can I use Buycraft to allow purchasing of ranks to only affect the network ranks. For instance, if they're Starter-Planner and purchase the Experienced rank. How can Buycraft be set to promote them to the Experience-Planner rank?
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    You may want to look at getting a plugin developed that will check to see their current groups on login and give them a prefix accordingly. I have a plugin like this for my server that I made, so a player will have their main group which will either be default or a staff rank, and inherit subgroups such as a media rank or donor rank. So with that information they'd get a prefix that looks like [Admin/Twitch/Hero] oceantheskatr if they were an admin that streamed on twitch and bought the hero rank.

    Either way, having a BungeeCord network requires the servers to be in offline mode, and sadly does not support offline mode servers, EVEN if they're Bungee'd.
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