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    Sorry guys I know not a lot of people like naruto fans and stuff like that but, I'd like something coded to help the server have a better playing feeling.

    Plugin type: Movement
    Plugin suggested name: Ninja Movement
    Description: Basically. The way it would work is, double tapping a direction already does something with W. Makes you run. I'd like double tapping a direction to push you in said direction about 3 cubes.
    For each direction A(L) W(F) S(B) D(R)

    The part that makes this tricky is this. I'll explain this in a scenario.
    I double tap D and Hold D.
    I'm pushed right 3 cubes of distance and continue running for 1.5 seconds, and then get pushed 3 cubes again and again, in a loop, until I release D.

    Date needed: Asap. I'm not rude...I'd just love the help...if anyone can help me plz do.

    This is my full description of the plugin request, but if you need more detail feel free to contact me at bkbeast on skype. This is not to request monetary reasonings, I'm broke regardless. I'd just like to help if possible...

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    Sprinting is a state that the player can be in, we can't detect the cause of it(ie bound key or double-tap), we can only detect weather the player is sprinting or not. Because of this, your idea of double-tapping won't work. The server only sees where the player moved, how the client brought them there is a different question.
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    Hmm....could it work with a command?

    Direction + Macro'd key = 3 square push in that direction?
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    PlayerToggleShiftEvent (Something like that, I know it exists)
    EDIT: Didn't read the OP ;p
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    BKBeast5 A command could work, but we can't detect what keys the player is pressing. We can see their location, direction, and velocity.
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    Thanks guys....Guess I'll think of something else.
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