More blocks in Multiplayer?

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    Loving the look of this mod! Will the client patcher be really simple? Obviously us admins know how to do things like client side mods, but some of our players don't. We want our players with no brains to be able to install this :D

    Also, once this is on the go and released, a good idea for a compatible mod with this would be something that checks if the client mod is installed, and if its not it wont allow access to the server (as the player would just crash anyway)
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    If you know someone, who might help me with this, I would be glad to hear out how to make this, as I mentioned in first posts, I'm not a Java programmer, just that I know how to make it possible to add new bloks in the game, despite this fact.

    About patching it, just a drag n drop thing while opening minecraft.jar with WinRAR or something similar :p
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    Any news? 10 days since last reply :D
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    Some RL problems came up, so the time, that I can spend on modding the game isn't that much as previously, so can't stay and code 10+ hours on the fly as back when I started this whole thing.

    Can't promise anything, but don't get your hopes down, it will be done, but not that soon as I thought it would, bit dissapointed myself about this, since several of my gaming website fans are waiting, when I will open up the server and give them the mod for clients.

    And since of some stuff, that I plan to include inside the mod, I am brainstorming about the whole free stuff sharing, because if I don't share the mod, then my server will be kinda unique in a way, and ppl will play, donate to get bonus items in the game and stuff like that. But if I share I will get many thanks, that I did the mod and that is about it.
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    good luck with ur rl :)
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    If there is anything I can do t help, i'd be more than happy to. Just tell me what I need to do to help out and I'll do my best :) I'd love to see this project succeed :)
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    I am planning to release the full version on 05.05.2011 , but that date isn't engraved in stone, so it might be affected of many indirect reasons.
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    I LOVE THIS MOD. I'll be waiting eagerly until May. :D
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    Hehe, well it all depends now on Minecraft Coder Pack, since 1.4 version of minecraft came out, so a total rework of the mod is required, yay more work :p

    Also, yesterday while I was brainstorming about the mod, I thought that it would be nice, if with the help of bukkit plugins I could make it work so, that stuff, that I added extra in the game would be available only for VIP players on servers, who donate a small amount for that status each month (really small one), which afterwards would help on maintaining the server and would influence players to trade within the server, where VIP players could determine their own prices for stuff like slopes, doors, windows and other things, that they could make, while normal users couldn't make them. But that is just in level of brainstorming, because to achieve that it would require even more free time to make it happen :)

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    Great idea, how do you add blocks to smp(bukkit)? Just like ssp? or do i need to edit etc? please help because i also want to add blocks to smp(bukkit) :D i have enough free time :p so if you can help me with this i can probably help you too if needed :p i know already how to make blocks in ssp and learning today to create items and after that how to use modloader with it.
    I hope for you it will work and everyone will use it :D
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    That sounds great! Good luck, and let me know if i can help in any way. :D (learning java atm)
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    Machir, that's the tricky part, i know how to make it SMP compatible without bukkit, but since bucket has some similarities of mc smp, all it theoretically would take, is to use similar injection method of altering the source code of bukkit files, that contain the required pieces of MC...
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    Looks cool :p
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    I don't think getting people to pay to be able to use the blocks is a good idea, it would be like if you had to pay to use Bukkit.. it would really suck... just open donations, I would donate for sure if everything is made freely available to everyone so people can use it on any server they want... :p

    Doubt I'd donate or whatever if I was forced to pay though. no.
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    What he is saying is, people who donate are the only ones who can make them, while they can trade them for an ingame currency though. I don't like the idea but it would be really helpful in keeping the server up and running
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    Well, thats the fun part actually, people will be able to build all the vanilla stuff in the game, but the bonus things would be available for VIP, which means that those people who will want cool stuff either will have to make friends with the VIP or an alternative for VIP would be special ingame items, that could be purchasable, and you could use them to buy stuff from the server with some chest shop plugin. For example, if there would be ingame items as currency - bronze, silver, gold coins and their stacks, there would be platinum, only obtainable through donations, after that those people, who get those items either can trade them to others for other stuff and vice versa, but both ideas has a down side, if server has PVP mode on, ppl could just attack the VIP players and steal their belongings, which would kinda s**k, so need to brainstorm about it how to implement such a thing. In any case server with altered client and server files would be much more potential in constructing buildings, than a standard one, so why not? I'm not talking about major cash here, just some cents, to cover up electricity and internet bills and maybe some extra coins for server upgrades and for future hard work of keeping the server updated etc.

    I am a big fan of P2P games, where players can earn special currency through selling stuff to players, who use real cash to speed up things in the game and if the system is well made, it can work, without harming others. Too bad the game doesn't have a bound system, that would give more options in this matter.
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    add recolorable glowstone
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    Not sure if this would help you at all but this guy has made a smp plugin that has more block id's compatible, now i believe it does require a client installation but it may give you some intel into how to go about adding your blocks in.
    Hope this helped
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    I have figured that part a long time ago already, where I can get 16 (+15) blocks from ONE block ID or, from ONE wooden stairs or slope block, i can get FOUR (+3), this method is very similar to the one Notch used for re-implementing the colored Cloth.

    What I am currently looking into is making a simple chairs block and a table block (Static, non intractable)

    I won't, because that means I loose 15 tiles for the glowstone just the same way Cloth does now, besides the light values are the same, I haven't seen a way to define color for blocks, that illuminate light.
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    Thanks for the information. I am going to search more information about this when i got some more time :p now i am doing homework :( .
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    So... with Dyncraft being released before this gets released.. any chance this can be ported to Dyncraft..?
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    Dyncraft? Hmm first time I hear about such thing, I might look into that :)

    Looks very interesting, it actually could save my trouble of modding the bukkit files for the mod, as for now everything I done is client side and therefore I could even concentrate more on the mod itself than the possibility to inject the necessary code for the bukkit files for it to work in multiplayer. Too bad I have now two active requests to make websites and two other on hold (client didn't pay yet)... So... this kinda s**ks, that I don't have that much free time for Minecraft, because I really, really love the game :D

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    great work till now aeron.
    Keep on and good luck!
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    OK, now I can officially say I am holding up on progressing the mod till 1.5 and for compatible version for that patch of Minecraft Coder Pack comes out, then I will do some serious coding for client items, such as currency, armor, etc
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    thank you ;D
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    Sounds awesome can't wait. :D
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    Been talking to the author of dyncraft, and I think I will be working with his API for the client/server, because it will support more block IDs, an option to pinpoint a different location for textures of blocks, which will open for me a lot of new opportunities. And for the time being, while MCP still isn't updated (and bukkit as well), been brainstorming about some cool new things, that I could easily add, and the first one that came in mind is thinner walls, so that you will be able to make a corridor 1 block in width within 2 blocks = more space in interior. With that, currently my ToDo list has the following:

    Thinner walls for all kinds of materials (similar to slabs but vertical)
    Static (non interactable) chairs and benches (for aesthetic purpose)
    Small tables 1x1, 2x2, 3x1
    Ceiling corners for slopes
    Oblique corners for slopes
    Two weapon, armor and tool sets (Obsidian, Relic)*
    Alternative bed? From straws, lowered with no legs (Middle-ages styled)*
    Safe (works like a chest, is as hard as obsidian)*

    Any other suggestions?
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    Yes! I've been wanting vertical slabs.
    Relic armour sounds cool.
    Some suggestions I have or requests:
    -Books you can write in, (although this might exist already)
    -Wine, alcohol to put in "Wine racks"(?) ;)
    -and the alcohol will maybe fog up your vision if consumed too much (hehe)

    That's all I got so far. :D

    And AWESOME that you're working with Jexius.

    EDIT: Also, is the safe interactive? :D
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    Safe will work pretty much the same way as a normal chest would, though with the ability to put something on top of it and it will be much stronger and will survive tnt blasts (so that you will be able to put it inside a wall behind a painting ^^)

    About Wine Racks, this guy here made a Shelf mod:
    Show Spoiler


    It looks nice, but for single player only, will suggest that mod to Jexius about a possibility to make it for dyncraft (that way I won't have to waste my time of figuring out how did he do that)

    Minecraft though has its way of rendering 2d images by rotating them, while you move (so that they usually are pointed with the face towards the player, so maybe making it as a block perhaps? Though it would require me quite a while to figure out how the faces will work for a whine bottle :D
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    Awesome about the safe!

    And cool, looking forward to see what you can add to this game. Thanks so much for your hard work and effort. I'm trying to learn coding as well, I wanna contribute ^^ lol

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