MonsterRecord - Record how many times you've killed each monster

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    Plugin category: Chat related

    Suggested name: MonsterRecord

    What I want: This plugin would keep track of how many times you've killed each monster and how many times each monsters has killed you with a simple command. It only shows the record for each monster if you've killed it yet or it has killed you. You can also view how many times you've killed each player, and like with monsters, it only shows what players you've already killed or been killed by. For example:

    You've killed:

    [Pig] [Kills] 1
    [Cow] [Kills] 4
    [Sheep] [Kills] 2
    [Creeper] [Deaths] 1
    [Skeleton] [Kills] 2

    So if you haven't been killed by a creeper for example, it won't include [Deaths], and vice versa.

    Ideas for commands:

    /mr m - Shows you how many monsters you've killed
    /mr p - Shows you how many players you've killed
    /mr view playername - Lets you view someone else's record
    /mr dontshow - Disables the rank next to your name

    Ideas for permissions: mr.viewrcrd

    Additional details: Another possibility is you could get additional ranks depending on how many times you've killed certain monsters. For example, if the amount of times you've killed creepers and skeletons is greater than 50, you could get a new rank like this:

    [MR: DecentlyProGuy], or [DecentlyProGuy]

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, I don't really care. Just an idea. If anything similar has been made before, please link me it. I don't own a server, I just think it could be a fun plugin for other servers.
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    I'll try this :p
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    Seems like a great idea for a plugin, bookmarked

    Going to try this, hope I could do it though I'm working on 2 plugin simultaneously.

    Maybe this could be my first plugin API :D other plugins can hook and look at data and so on and so forth.
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    Awesome, take your time. You don't need to add the rank thing if that's too difficult.

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