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  1. Plugin category: Economy, Admin-tools

    Suggested name: EcoNametags

    What I want: When you perform the command: /econametags give (money), It will give you a nametag with a colored nametag on it. For example: /econametags give 1000: (&a)+$1000. What I want it to do is when you right click, you will get the money. So if someone is able to make this, you can also let it perform a command (highly recommeded since I want it to let it work with vault (essentials) ). The command should be /economy give (playername that right clicks the nametag) 1000.
    Ideas for commands:
    /econametags give (money): Will give you a nametag with the name +$x (x = money)

    Ideas for permissions:
    econametags.use: Will give you the permissions to perform the command: /econametags give and to right click the nametag with the money

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you finish it. I don't really bother it.

    Sorry for the bad spelling and grammar (if I did it). I'm really tired so it's not the best.
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