Money Generated Through Bukkit Servers

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Malchus, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Kimsufi isn't crap, all my services run with them, and no problems at all. There just a sister company of OVH running in same datacentre.
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    Most people that say Kimfusi are bad are people located in the United States that have very high ping with them, therefore it seems like it's lagging but it's really not. if you're near the servers, Kimfusi is good.
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    Kimsufi would be perfect my Ping from North UK to Paris is 38ms :)
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    Ping to the US is slow, bandwidth isn't very good quality, the CPUs are slow, there's no option for a second drive, and there's no options for 1gbps speeds or a SSD.

    With that being said, they're still great servers, but they're not very good unless you're looking to run a small server on a tight budget. For comparison to the build I was talking about, even the KS-24G comes nowhere close to those specs, as it only has one drive instead of 2 + 1 (extremely fast) SSD, their network is LQ, the E3-1270 is way faster than a 2.66GHz i7, and the hardware I was looking at was much better quality.

    Of course it's low, you're in the UK.
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  5. 130ms ping at canada, dont know about the US. They have greatly been improving there networks over the past few months. Anyway, it isnt all about the ping. The sites I run on it use a CDN, so ping isnt an issue anyway.

    To be honest, I dont really know what people expect for £43, however the servers are absolutely fantastic for web servers - and small mc servers.
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    In a month of our donation system being up the server I run has gotten $1160, this is only for ranks - not including normal donations which we have gotten around $250.

    I have 6 different donator ranks. Mod Disguise is a good plugin that makes players want to donate i have found. Also adding different skills with mcMMO.
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    I know a kid that made over $1000 in less than a week off of a server -.-
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