Money Generated Through Bukkit Servers

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Malchus, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Hey guys, just thought of an interesting concept. The amount of money donated to all Bukkit servers. It's got to be massive.

    How much money do you guys think has been generated through Bukkit servers?

    Let me know, I find this very interesting.
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    What do you mean? Money to the bukkit team or money to the server owners?
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    Money to server owners
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    Donations are usually spent on maintaining the server, so there is little to no profit.
    However, large servers can receive more than $100 per month in donations.
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    I'm talking about like altogether, how much money gas gone through the donation system of all servers combined?
    I'm thinking at least 200k
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    There was a server I had dropped in my lap and in our first month, we still had the IP listed on the #2 PMC server. That month grossed about 1200 dollars.

    Interesting story, the previous owner despised me, yet chose to give the server to me, bailing with all the donation money. A month later, he re-established his server which had tons of followers until about a month or two later, when he dipped, once again taking all the money with him.
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    Ive made $100 in 3-4 hours on some weekends.
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    Yea, at least 300k. You need to factor in those behemoths like Super-Earth and Battle-Craft. Dedicated $1000 a month server hosting, 500 slot capable glory of tons of donated money every hour.
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    Man, I tell ya, bukkit is stimulating the crap out of the 8-15 year old economy.
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    well i have a small-medium sized server community, in return for donations to pay our £50 p/month bill, we offer a VIP rank.
    over the past 3/4months we've generated approx £270
    we average 5-10 players during the working day, 10-30 in the evenings, and 0-8 during the UK evenings (other timezones populate it over that period)
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    I just think it's incredible.
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    Do not underestimate the income that larger game servers can generate, some people do make a nice profit.
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    the funny part is, people pay to play a free game?
    i love it. :D
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  14. My plugin what offers server owners to reward users for donating, processes around 500 dollars a day in donations spanning accross 400-500 servers. Kinda gives you an idea of the income of some servers.
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    It's like a damn full time job!
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    That's crazy mate.
    Just crazy.
  17. Sure is! (Just to make sure, im not making that amount a day, thats over all servers who use my plugin)
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    Currently my hosting package is $164.99 per month and right now I am getting enough donations to pay the bill entirely and actually have a bit left over to carry over to the next month
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    Brilliant man, I tell ya, it's awesome.
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    thats insane, any chance you could pm me the host in which you are with?
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    I don't need to PM, I don't mind. I am with Nuclear Fallout. They have some of the best hardware for hosting out there. They aren't cheap but their packages are top notch.

    What I like about them so much is everything is controlled from their web interface. I have my MC server with 8 gigs of Memory, Ventrillo Server and web hosting server + unlimted bandwidth and unlimted MySQL databases + SSD + Higher CPU priority on the box. I run an average of 40 - 50 users at once + 50+ plugins and I rarely lag.

    Since my donations are doing well I am thinking about going to a dedicated box with them which gives me 16 gigs of memory and a server to myself and the ability to setup and run as many servers as I want with a separate IP for each.
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    they look really insane tbh, something i dont understand is why they say, for example 8gb of ram would hold 400 people which is ridiculous, but yea, do you know if you can request more then 8gb of ram, or would you be better off to purchase one of their full machines?
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    8 gigs is the max for their VPS - you can get 48 gigs + on a dedicated box if you want to pay that kind of money. I talk to the owner once in a while, he's a cool guy. He insists that their 8 gig / 400 player package can actually host 400 players with Vanilla Minecraft. Since no one really hosts a vanilla minecraft server anymore I would just ignore that.
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    Lol sorry im having this conversation in the wrong thread, but thanks for your help mate, just last question, how is their uptime?
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    well in the last 8 Months I've been with them they've never had any downtime.
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    Thx Minecraft,i make 1200$ month
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    No way.
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    i guess my next buy will be the 8gig ram package :) thanks man :)
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    There are large behemoths out there that pull in gargantuan amounts of income. Also, you have to take into account some of the pay-to-play servers which, if executed properly, can be insanely profitable. This is probably one of the easiest markets to take control of, provided you're willing to spend a month or two to set up the right server.

    As for 'maintaining a server being a full time job'? I'd hardly say that. And it's solely due to one reason: People love power.

    It's all too easy to find admins and moderators that can take care of things for you, while you sit back and take all of the gross income. The concept of having more power than the people they are helping out is very appealing, and they usually don't ask for any payment in return. However, I don't trust anyone with the server files themselves, so that is really the only thing you'd have to do.

    Hell, you don't even have to run a server to make a huge profit. Take some of the websites that 'rank servers', for example. People will BID to have their server put on the top of the list, and the amounts generated from that can be mind blowing.

    Minecraft is a goldmine for entrepreneurs who spend some time to learn how the market flows.
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    its hard to find trustworthy admins and mods. Last weed one of our trial admins crashed the server 3 times...

    btt: 20-40 Player, ~40Euro/Month income. Cloud-Server costs 40euro so no profit
    we offer a VIP rank.
    +2 homepoints
    +tpa (send teleport requests (teleportsuite))
    +can set greeting flag on their regions (worldguard)
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