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    Mojo is an annotated command framework targeted at the JVM. Heavily inspired by @sk89q's Intake project and @DSH105's Influx.
    A while back I posted a similar thread about a project I called "Zeus" which was a simple, very basic annotated command library, that I made for fun. Fast forward to...lets say 2 weeks ago, I had the urge to improve on the first iteration of Mojo (Which was my first attempt at method parameter parsing), and this is the result.


    // Obligatory Bukkit example.
    // I have not pushed  the changes I have made recently, so the As annotation is absent, it essentially just names the parameter
    @Command(aliases = {"broadcast", "bc"})
            public void broadcast(CommandSender sender, @As("message") @Text @Default("&6Hello World!") String message) {
                Bukkit.broadcastMessage(ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', message));
    Anyway...there is a lot of stuff that has yet to be fully implemented, the major thing is permissions, the classes are there, I just need to implement them.
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