Mojang MineCraft SMP is a bad optimised gameserver ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by WolwX, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Yes please!!!
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    These is a good way to to go ahead for a correct minecraft multiplayer server :)
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    I'm at this though with my server...
    Is this report incorrect?

    CPU load averages
    0.11 (1 min) 0.27 (5 mins) 0.39 (15 mins)
    CPU usage13% user, 2% kernel, 0% IO, 85% idle
    Real memory4.92 GB total, 2.56 GB used
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    What do you want to know ?

    Just giving us those informations without knowing the use of your dedicated, or without knowing how many players are on don't help.

    And to know how many the minecraft server request CPU, you must check into the process himself
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    Is my hardware getting maxed out?

    Here is what my hardware says:

    CPU load averages:0.19 (1 mins) , 0.27 (5 mins) , 0.31 (15 mins)
    CPU type:Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.80GHz , 4 cores

    CPU usage:
    Owner CPU Command
    32304 root 129 % java -Xms512M -Xmx2560M -Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal -jar /home/ga ...

    That's what shows up when I click on Running Processes via WebMin on my dedicated Ubuntu box. It has 5GB or RAM, but only 2.5 dedicated due to 32bit limitation.

    Here is the RAM:
    ID Owner Size Command
    32304 root 3062756 kB java -Xms512M -Xmx2560M -Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal -jar /home/ga ...
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    Here it's the most problematic thing about MineCraft actual multiplayer server :(

    As you can see, you have 4 cores, probably with HT, soit virtually 8 cores, and your system don't use many ressource, you can do many others things with this hardware, but about the minecraft server, you already stuck at 100+% of CPU usage so ingame there must have lags, and problems ...

    That's why this application is badly coded, because it's not normal to have that's type of hardware without possibility to use multicore or to reach this how many high CPU usage :s

    How many players do you have online actually ?
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    I stop the server at 20 players max. Right now at the time of this posting and the data I showed, I have 4-5 players. We hit 20 players cap today, but I was on at the time. (Minecraft Forums Post...)

    During the day, we will have 8-10 active players though. We also run 25 plugins to bukkit.

    The Lag is iffy at times. Some players lag way too much, others it's just fine. That's something I have a hard time tracking down. As for errors, the only thing I have now is the random disconnect. Some players time out.

    I guess that's why I was asking~ because those numbers don't seem to be correct.
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    There is also MineServe which is open source and looks promising. But problem is that those 3rd party servers have different world generating algorithm, so world will not be completely minecraft-like. Unless they stole whole code from notch, in which case their server will be illegal. And biggest problem - they don't support bukkit plugins. I guess they could implement it, but it would be hard and Bukkit is connected heavily to CraftBukkit, so not all plugins will work.
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    They did full world generating algorithm, I know. And, they are not going to do support plugins.
    I repeat — they have a closed project that they are developing exclusively for their server.
    Their programmer — genius... did something that still can't make a whole team of Bukkit.
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    What the hell are you talking about ?

    The source for mineserv is available from the front page of the website, it's not closed at all. Secondly they have developed an API for plugins so I'm not sure why you think they won't support plugins.

    I don't know what you are talking about comparing it to bukkit, mineserv is written from the ground up in c++ as opposed to bukkit being java and still limited by Notch's server code.
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    You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Everything in this post is incorrect. Every sentence.
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    I think xAnder is talking about or whatever is that project.
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    He made a mistake, he is talking about the server, and probably think that MineServer is the name of that.

    XAnder, those are 2 diferent things, server is the closed one, mineserver is a opensource one.

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    Sorry, not very well speaking English, but I think you understand me :)
    Just read it post (if you understand Russian) —
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    I am quite afraid of non-official releases. First, I don´t know if it is LEGAL. Second, will they update everytime there is a new stuff? What if the main protocol changes?
    Since there is an official release, I prefer to take my chances on that. Not that I wouldn't like to have the source code of my server, to make all the changes I need, but I don't want to work on something that may be considered "pirate".
    MC is not the first game I decide to host, like a lot of other people here already said, and I know all the drills to mantain one. I have a very competent crew to handle all the community needs while I handle the backstage, for all those games I hosted for more than 5 years. By far is the "official" most wanted / most annoying server I've EVER hosted. Really serious, I am frustrated to be unable to fit more than 40 players in a game at once. All the ideas of MCWAR (a full pvp server for guilds to control areas) I had has fallen to shales with the current road MCServer is taking.

    Sorry for english guys, but I need to comment:


    I promise not to make this again.... I really promise.

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    If Google translate isn't lying, they claim:
    1. they will not release it (code or finished product), it will only be used on their server
    2. it will not support plugins
    3. it will have their own "plugins" built-in

    Points 2 and 3 are irrelevant if point 1 is true. If point 1 is not true, then points 2 and 3 mean you don't get to choose what style of server you run; they choose for you.

    With the above, caring what does is pointless. You might as well just ignore them.
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    Points 1 and 3 is true.
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