Mojang and the Bukkit Project

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by vubui, Sep 5, 2014.

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    CPG Tidus

    i plugins weren't ready for it yet with the ones i need for the server im running
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    [brickblock]Wow ppl, can Mojang get a shift on! bukkit is really lagging now and won't update! is there any other sites i can get it from? even Spigot, the alternative to Bukkit, is down by her! its bad.
    WHAT? this makes no sence - did YOU (as in bukkit) write the mc server file available from
    and mojang better do somthing about this or i'll write a long complain string!

    btw [cake]GL For the future Bukkit! We will NEVER forget what you have done to every server, Hats off to u ppl the solution to all everyone problems running a brilliant server!

    P.S. i wasn't being sarcastic, i am dead serious

    Everyone READ THIS POST! this is important, the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) states that we can modify it,
    we don't sell anything, cheeses bad!

    Nope, even spigot has received DMCA
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    It requires a trust as well, if someone they hired were to share the code or abuse it then they could lose more $ in the long run
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    You're like, 2 and a half months late.
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    but it still effects us even now :)

    Also the new sponge powered api coming out will probably be attempted to be shut down, I don't think they would go down without a fight as they would have only just released it

    EDIT by Timtower: Please don't double post
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    Nobody. People just think that Mojang hates anything that involves coding other than their own endeavors rofl
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    Skionz Gater12 AdamQpzm

    Sponge may be attacked by the retired Bukkit Dev staff, because a lot of the Sponge code looks like Bukkit code. So they may have a case of claiming the Sponge devs copied their copyrighted code. Not sure if they'd bother, but they may have a case of taking it down that way.
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    ERROR372 What part looks like bukkit?
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    The entire thing looks like Bukkit tbh
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    xTrollxDudex Let me look at the source. I haven't checked it out yet.
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    This is getting a bit off topic, but just because it's structured the way Bukkit is doesn't make it copied.
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    Unless you've read the source 8 times, that would be an assumption.
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    Just warding off the statements of anyone who actually was assuming.
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    "Just because it's structured the way Bukkit is doesn't make it copied" != "Because it is only structured the way Bukkit is, it is not copied."
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    I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
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    All I did was pointed out that you have to be careful when analyzing these things. The correct way is not to say "Hmmm, CommandSender class, EntityType enum, it's Bukkit." It's to actually look at what they wrote rather than how they organized it. In no way did I suggest I had some deep knowledge of the specifics of the API.
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    I just have to say; CraftBukkit should be up again without DMCA issues as of the code of Wolvreness was made for Minecraft which is copyrighted by Mojang which is now bought by Microsoft.
    So basically, CraftBukkit did not break any rules at all as of the whole game was at the start by Mojang which then had the rights to close and reopen the projects if they feel like it.
    IE: *releasing a new version of mc called 2.stone.0* Mojang can take this down without problems, as of its based on minecraft's code. But, if they want it up again and I have abandoned it, they have to set the people who want to work on it up again, and probably make them employees as of they work now and they basically got fired as the 2.stone.0 was closed.
  21. stoneminer02 Doesn't matter. The GPL license still isn't valid if you include NMS code, because NMS code cannot be released by the Bukkit team as GPL.
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    A lawyer also looked at the DMCA and called it utter BS. Mojang owns craftbukkit/bukkit and supported it. Wolverness basically DMCA'd Mojang on Mojang's behalf (because mojang owns Craftbukkit/bukkit). Plus you can not launch a DMCA on behalf of someone (or company/entity) without their authorization. Wolverness DID NOT have Mojang's authorization/permission. The lawyer laughed at it practically and called the DMCA invalid. Craftbukkit/bukkit should challenge this. If they had a lawyer saying it was BS it is worth looking into.
  23. Lawyers can say some really incorrect things when they're misinformed - the lawyer you mention is in this case. I'll admit, he's right about the idea of someone sending a DMCA on someone's behalf without their authorisation would be ridiculous and invalid.

    However, that's not at all what has happened. Wolvereness did not send the DMCA notice on behalf of Mojang. He sent it on behalf of himself, and nobody else. The view that he sent it on behalf of Mojang is the reason that particular lawyer's opinion should be disregarded completely.
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    Correct, and because Mojang has not officially allowed minecraft_server.jar to be GPL'd, the GPL specifically requires all corresponding source allow the same freedoms, commercially or not, and if not, then the GPL license is revoked. So Wolverness is just enforcing the automatically revoked license.

    In which case, going with the LGPL on craftbukkit makes absolutely no sense at all. If Mojang allowed non-commercial mods, The BSD or MIT license should have been used and then this mess wouldn't have happened to begin with.
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    Thread from 4 years ago with people telling Warren Loo (EvilSeph) that:
    1. A GPL license is not valid because of the proprietary Mojang code
    2. Another license would be a better choice
    3. Bukkit should get legal agreements from all the developers

    So the entire situation in which we find ourselves was completely avoidable. So much so, that I wonder if it was intentionally designed to be a poison pill.
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    Ah. If only the lawyer was informed then
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