Mojang and the Bukkit Project

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by vubui, Sep 5, 2014.

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    Can someone please tell me why this person sent this dmca request and what does it violate.
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    Did you read the whole post? I asked people to follow the money trail. Money was paid to someone somewhere, and NO ONE knows where it went.
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    Useful advice for Mojang:

    Bullshit can get you to the top but it can't keep you there.

    If you throw the entire modding community that was a major contributor to your games success under the bus and ignore all of its needs, you will not be relevant in the future. That's all. Just hope you guys figure your shit out before its too late.
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    WHY are you guys blaming Mojang. Do your freaking research already.
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    I did, and its Mojang who are at fault.
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    If you wanted the community and the project to maintain its independence, you shouldn't have seized control of its assets, with your staff making public statements that they are in control and will take over the development. Sounds like the complete opposite of independence to me.

    I can see your dilemma, but its one caused by Mojang. Bukkit, as a project, is dead, and was denied the dignity of going out the way it wanted. Its unfortunate Mojang relied so heavily on this team of volunteers, but what is more unfortunate is how you cared so little about what happened to those very people. Is it any wonder how they all decided to up and walk right after your post, that still contained absolutely no information or direction on what Mojang was going to do?

    Word of advice for the future - there is no better way to demotivate a large group of volunteers than doing everything Mojang has done with Bukkit. First with the tweets (why you let any of those people say anything on twitter is beyond me), then with the seizure of assets and removal of the team lead, followed by a complete lack of information and communication by the very people who seized control. Even after EvilSeph's post - not one person from Mojang attempted to reach out to me. No one from Mojang reached out to the community that ran this project. You didn't care about the people behind the project before you seized control, and its clear you cared even less after.

    My only regret is watching your company kill this great project through your knee jerk reactions, followed by inaction and overall mishandling of this situation.

    For shame!
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    Mojang your actions are a disgrace, not even going to give suggestions on how you could have handled this better as it does not even seem to be within you as a company group let alone as individuals.
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    TnT pretty much nailed it.
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    Pics and links or you are the one full of BS.

    Why is Spigot putting together funds to actually try to fight this thing while you guys all run with your tail between your legs?

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    Deleted user

    Too bad deny-explosions is set to false. vubui got shrekt by TnT.

    Fortunately, sk89q 's here to clean up the aftermath with his trusty #sponge
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    Mojang bought Craftbukkit, They did want to leave it for the community so that they didnt have to pay attention to it. But you guys let Craftbukkit be bought so you can't blame them for wanting to keep the project going instead of letting you guys close it.
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    We're not running. We're going out how we found was appropriate considering Mojang wouldn't give us the leisure of how we wanted to.
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    From what I can see, Spigots definition of "fight this thing" is hire lawyers, get told not to pursue, then sit and wait to see if mojang does anything. I wonder what happened to the rest of the money they gathered? A short consultation where they just said its a bad idea couldn't have cost too much...

    [Edit] Not to mention, this:
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    I can't believe you ask for links didn't you read the staff posts, Mojangs tweets and the DCMA?
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    I fully support the bukkit team to quit and I also think they should intdependently file there own DMCA claim.

    Imagine if you volunteered your time to making a new operating system for 2 years, just to find Apple owned you the whole time and you didn't get paid a dime? Imagine how betrayed they felt, and I know nobody is saying it, but I believe money is the reason, along with the general lack of support, the staff quit.
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    This, this right here. I mean the least they could have done was communicate their intentions or reassure the community or something, but nope.

    Instead everyone at mojang is too busy circlejerking around, probably thinking they are so high and mighty that they have no need to interact with the community

    I can already imagine mojangs response to all of this on twitter: EATIN RABBIT AT RESTRAUNT, WE DOIN THINGS #YOLO
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    Bukkit is owned by Mojang, so what's there for them to battle?
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    I've got an idea how bukkit can be saved from Mojang. From what I've seen of the bukkit and craftbukkit source the contents of net.minecraft.server don't absolutely need to be in the jar. It would add some complexity to runing a server ie your command line would be longer and you'd need to have compatible versions of minecraft_server.jar and craftbukkit.jar, but it is doable and more likely than Mojang getting around to their API.

    It would be a non-trivial amount of effort, but in the end you'd have a version of bukkit/craftbukkit that doesn't infringe on Mojang's copyright and is completely GPL. The end user might be combining GPL and non-GPL code in memory but neither distribution would intersect, thus preserving GPL requriements as long as you don't combine those 2 jars into one and distribute it.

    Edited to fix grammar.
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    Padeius Etoh

    It has already been done.

    cauldron has a solution, it will be out soonish.

    bukkit will be back up and running in a week or 2. all the folks who have left, bukkit will never be the same with out you, thank what ever god you worship.

    why communicate with a bunch of folks who just want to shut down the development of bukkit, resign and let the community deal with 150k servers by themselves.

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    I don't even give a crap what the money donated to spigot is used for.. personally glad the links were pulled Wolfe did what Mojang has had coming to them for a long time.

    md_5 could go on holiday for all I care, he deserves it as do all the code contributors who helped with spigot (and bukkit like Wolfe etc), they have kept the minecraft server community that is worth a damn going for all this time. They don't need to fight Wolfe's DMCA claim at all. Why waste money on a legal circus when Mojang legal schmucks can do it instead, the end outcome of which no matter how you look at is that Mojang screwing over some community one way or another.

    The real question you should be asking is what is Mojang going to with all the money they have made since taking over Bukkit while pushing aside all those unthanked, unpaid developers that have kept a huge part of Minecraft going for them.

    Mojang are tight money grubbing shady legal manipulators to me COO says it all, and anyone who can support what they have said and done are a pathetic joke. They've sat on this dodgy open source license issue for almost 3years, happy to let developers work on it, while they ultimately benefit from freely made code contributions and the thousands of server owners who use bukkit software, keeping them off Mojangs backs on this carrot on a stick api (which undoubtedly would be terrible restricted doodoo anyway) because Mojangs own multiplayer server is practically worthless poorly developed garbage. I could make a whole lot more points critical points, but this place is cursed run so have to be mindful of the censorship cretins.

    You're aren't even worth this reply, but the only BS here is people like you who can think Mojang do no wrong.. its disgusting, as its so in your face over what has happened and why you just have no sympathy for those who have rightfully stuck it to Mojang over recent happenings.
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    I think you misread the intent of my post, but meh, we are in agreement for the important stuff.
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    I know really, I totally agree.

    Why would Mojang even talk to Bukkit staff? Those dogs that kept "150k servers running".

    I mean the Bukkit project workers are so ungrateful and the proof is that they would rather end their project than work for free under Mojang and be treated like dogs with no respect or even courtesy.

    Mojang is a huge company (god like), I mean even if Mojang said you can sniff my socks you should be honored and impressed. Right?

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    This and many other comments upset me. So because Mojang didnt' want to interfere with a communithy driven project, many of you are mad at them? I imagine that if they had chosen to take over 2 years ago, many more people would have been mad at that. I guess there is no satisfying everyone. By saying they want Bukkit to maintian independence, they don't mean they just don't wanna pay extra workers, they mean they don't want to control or interfere with a community driven project. They want to leave it alone and leave control over it to the community. Most companies, if given ownership of something like that, would immediately shut it down. Mojang has taken the approriate stance in this situation and I applaud them.
    Also I take issue with that 10 year old comment. I am 22 years old and I love vanilla minecraft.
  25. Wasn't there a special clause with the license that Bukkit could hand over the code to Mojang without a hitch? What happened to that?

    Licensing the bukkit code under GPL was a legal bomb waiting to be deployed. Everyone says "Oh, GPL won't be used that way!" Well lookie here slashdot users, more GPL creep problems. Had this project been put under the BSD license, this might not be trouble, but because it's GPL, which itself is more a license virus than a license, we have this legal conundra. Mojang can NOT code for Bukkit because it is GPL, and any code that goes into it can NOT be used in the non-open source Minecraft, or anything else they write. Unless every contributor to bukkit agrees to let Mojang the code and nuke the project's GPL license, Bukkit will live and die only as a community project, irregardless of ownership by Mojang.
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    lol how exactly did they seize assets or take over? I'm pretty sure they said they disagreed with this whole DMCA thing. They are not responsible for the take down nor do they support it so what exactly is the problem? It is the butthurt community (which Mojang is trying to save) that are acting in a knee jerk manner. It's ridiculous, a bunch of novice programmers getting all high and mighty and feeling entitled and acting like a bunch of children instead of sticking together and seeing this through. It's a pathetic display.
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    Then why not give the project up to a ex Bukkit member that would continue it? Relinquish all ownership and I'm sure the DMCA would be dropped.

    If Mojang did this it may solve all issues and allow CB to continue.

    There is still the issue of workloads though.. So maybe Mojang could also offer some pratical help to take the burden off the staff a bit as well as relinquish all ownership if they truly cared about the community and Bukkit.
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    How does that solve anything? Its only matter of time till another large contributor sends DMCA when he wants something.

    I don't see how Mojang owning Bukkit changes anything, developers were not expecting to get paid when they started working.
    They still own their own code and project is still GPL.
    Their work benefits Mojang even if project was owned bo somebody else.

    I play game where few coders have removed their code when they got into fight with other developers and that caused big issues to players. One very large contributor has threatened to pull his code unless his friend gets free exp and items.
    Organisation behind the game has made a change that all new code is owned by organisation to prevent shit like this from happening.
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    This is exactly the point I was trying to make. Spigot did get the takedown but their team is still working on coming up with a solution, like Caldron. And Forge has been right there up-keeping with Minecraft update in very short time comparatively. You want to throw vicious comments my way dev team? Well, this is just the SECOND case of you all being lazy in my opinion. Bukkits last recommended build? September 19, 2013. Your telling me you spent laborious hours on work? Really? I have a computer programming degree, I know what it takes to code and it sure as heck doesn't take that long. Even with the amount of updates and changes Minecraft made. The proof is in the other projects out there that did manage to keep up. So yeah, ok, I was dissapointed in you guys but not any more. Now that you all quit maybe they might get some people on the project that will actually do something.
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    Do you realise what the problem is here at Bukkit and what it's all about?

    And why would Bukkit get DMCA by people that work and contribute to it? it never has before. They have no problem with Bukkit or helping the community.

    There was 3 problems:

    1) Bukkit staff be overworked and having to do so much.
    2) Mojang's EULA scared them.
    3) Mojang owning them is an issue.
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