Mods used for cheating in Multi Player

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gameswereus, Sep 11, 2011.

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    First off, I have one main question, do mods like the Ore Finding Compass work in Multi player?

    Now, if that is true, will everyone please post these types of plugins used for cheating? I would like to help the Devs find these do they can come up with ways these sort of things can be disabled.

    I'll edit this really soon so it looks better.
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    The answer to your question is right there, on the first page, of the link you provided. The mod author himself says "It works in SMP".
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    Yes, but Plugins such as AntiCheat and OreObsecution stop Cheating Mods.
    if you cheat, GTFO!
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    Many mods will work in single/multiplayer. That being said it's not up to you, or the devs to decide who gets to use what plugins or modifications. It's up to individual server administrators whether they want to allow the use of these on their server.

    If you're playing on a server and suspect someone of breaking the rules, the best bet is to report them to a server administrator.
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    Wow. Sorry about that! I normally am not so stupid :p

    I am a server administrator, or co-owner. I don't want people cheating to get resources or using things that will give them an advantage.

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    xrays still work for me alright even with the anti cheat and ore hiding ones.. the ore hiding one makes a big dent in the ore it showes, but there is enough to save lots of time..

    also i only play on my own server.. tons of cheat clients that work alround the anti cheats... i would love for some of the no cheat and ore ob. plugin devs to work aginst these guys, but there is just too many teams to go aginst..

    edit: feel free to delete my post if its against any rules, or you guys just plain dont want the info out there..
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    use picka client

    its the best so far... xD
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    There are much worse cheats than an Ore Compass. XRay totally allows people to see all ores through the ground, to the point where you would look down and see hundreds of ores. That is very damaging to a server's natural economy. There's even cheats that let people use Speed Mod and Fly Mod, so they just run/fly around your map effortlessly. And another rising serious exploit would be the development of the Forcefield and other PvP cheats. I have tested all of those mods, and they are extremely effective in accomplishing their purpose. I suggest that you get the following plugins which will totally block any form of those cheats.
    Anti XRay: Ore Obfuscation
    Anti Fly/Speed/Nuke/Any Moving Hack: NoCheat
    Anti PvP Cheats: mxAntiPvPCheats
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    Anti Flying, CFBANNER
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    The AntiCheat and OreObfuscation plugins have a long way to go before they actually work for all cheats, hacks and exploits... you might stop 1/10th in this manner.

    You suck... btw, hope your account info stays safe... picka client steals your login name and password.

    CFBANNER does jack didly squat... it only works on a few mods like zombe's... and any halfwit can edit zombe's .class files to ignore the hidden zombe removal code that gets flashed in the MOTD. You're better off using NoCheat to stop flying, speedhacks, etc.

    * To anyone suggesting that you can effectively block any cheats/mods/exploits using plugins, serisouly, wake-up... the plugins 'help' in the fight, but should by no means be relied upon for effective anticheat.

    ** To anyone suggesting there is any effective anti-xray plugin, wake up again, your entire map can be downloaded by a download client, and viewed in single player mode...

    *** To anyone using cheats.. please kill yourself. Also, enjoy getting your account information stolen, and in some cases worse.. unless you know your JAVA and check what you've installed line by line by line.... hackers could easily be installing trojans, keyloggers and more onto your computer - completely obscured from your antivirus software under the guise of your trusted "Minecraft" installation.
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    All the current anti-xray plugins modify the ores on the server side. The server keeps track of where the ore is internally and only sends stone to the client. The client never receives any ore until the individual blocks are exposed to air. Once a player uncovers the correct block the stone is quickly changed to whatever ore is actually there.

    So you can download the map all you want... all you'll see is stone.

    Plugins and cheats have always been a cat and mouse game... Cheats figure out ways around the game/plugins, then the game/plugins come up with ways around that. And the cycle continues.
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    You have to pick your battles. I've decided that since I can't stop all of this crap completely, I will do some basic blocking for common things and then scan for "abusers," people that can't stop themselves from being greedy. These people are pretty easy to spot. Living with this issue is part of being an admin. Learn it, live it, love it :D
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