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Discussion in 'General Help' started by sora_7672, Apr 18, 2015.

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    Hello Everyone,

    im bitting my teeth out on a probelm with Groupmanager.
    we use MCPC+ with few mods.

    we have a problem with forestry (MC 1.6.4)

    Like u probably know, there are multifarms, which can plant crops(wheat) or trees and so on.

    its no problem to plant trees, to break wood and crops.
    but anyhow its not able to set seeds on the field (no its not a mod problem, because my cmd shows me different)

    here the problem ive:
    2015-04-19 03:49:24 [INFO] [Essentials] looking up groupname of [[Forestry]] - default
    2015-04-19 03:49:24 [INFO] [Essentials] checking if [[Forestry]] has - false
    2015-04-19 03:49:24 [INFO] [Essentials] DataValue perm on [[Forestry]] is not directly set:
    2015-04-19 03:49:24 [INFO] [Essentials] checking if [[Forestry]] has - false

    i tryed allreadyy to create a User [[Forestry]], but was not working to create that user because of the [], also we sue grief prevention thought that was it so tryed won not claimed land.

    and also tryed offline, offline was working fine.

    any ideas how to solve that?
    dindt found anything in the web and search now allready for 5 hours for a solution.

    thx for the help ;)

    ok i found out how its fixed.

    First of all the User is [[Forestry]]
    then u need to op forestry
    over cmd

    and in the end use as owner of a claim /trust [[Forestry]]
    else forestry can only build in not claimedland.

    greetz ;)

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