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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dubzay, Jul 2, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: ModMode

    What I want:

    when you /mod it sets you invisible to other players (aka /v) , puts you in gamemode, and it gives you tools.
    You cannot pickup items or drop items in mod mode and have a different inventory in that mode.

    Items: [ ]

    The carpet serves no use, just to hide the hand during recordings, Axe is worldedit, MusicDisk is to teleport to a random player, the book is used when you click a player, brings up a double chest GUI, with the players inventory, and stats of the player (IP, health, Potion effects, armor, name, uuid, etc).

    Ideas for commands: /mod <toggle modmode>

    Ideas for permissions: Moderatormode.Mod

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    I have started this project and I am 50% done. I will keep you updated when i'm finished.
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    Ok thanks ;D
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    W.I.P, Very close to done.
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    Also make it so you can't place or break blocks and you open a chest in silent mode?
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    @Dubzay do you already have the and random tp thing? Or do i have to make it?
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    Stuff are not going to well today I'm soo busy, And can I just have the normal chest gui for the open inventory and post the player info In the chest name and maybe add like an item named the UUID of the player.
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    Yeah that's fine @_Error. I understand what you mean.
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    Okay, today i'll be quite busy as i'm going out for dinner and I will watch minecon. Ill try to work at 3am a little bit, Yes i don't sleep. (Almost :p)
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    I'm on it
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    One thing I'd want for this plugin if it is made, is that while you're in modmode, either you cannot take items from creative and place them into your inventory so you can't put them in other players' chests and use potions for example. Or disable placing/taking blocks from chests/furnaces/anvils/etc so no abuse can happen.
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    bump. Please I need this D:
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    I'm looking for a plugin that does the stuff in the inventory, I tried that one before. I didn't like the features I wanted though. It's a great plugin, just not what I'm looking for
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    Sorry I bumped early, I didn't see the other time. D:
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    Has this been made? if it has could I have a download as well? Looks like a great idea.
  23. I was playing around with making this plugin a little while ago. I finished it, but was not happy with the code because it was sort of Frankenstein-ed (to me). Once I finalize this other users plugin request I will take a look at it again.
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  25. The way I had the book was that it would be just like invsee (in Essentials).

    I think I could have done exactly what he wanted, but it was taking me far too long to make myself happy with how the code looked to get anything done.
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    Yea, I will add the book in soon just barely have any time :I
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    I am going to be updating StaffMode to something Like this, when it clears your inventory and gives you items, etc
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    Too many people saying they are on it and then never come back xD This is a thing of an hour... but since it's 4.00 am here I am too tired right now. But I'll see what I can do tomorrow when I'm not too lazy :p

    I like how this is meant to be the perfect spying plugin for staff to feel superior :D
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    Is it made yet? Or should I start working on it.
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