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    Can someone make me a plugin that'll let me do /mod PlayerNameHere and that person will have a Green Name and chat? They'll have access to /fly, /kick, and /ban. Then /admin PlayerNameHere, and the admins will have a Blue Name in chat and will have access to /fly, /kick, /ban, /deop PlayeerNameHere, and /pardon PlayerNameHere. And then /owner will have access to /fly, /kick, /ban, /kickall, /deop PlayerNameHere, /pardon PlayerNameHere, /stop, /gamemode c PlayerNameHere, and they will have a Purple Name in chat. The commands you'll have to make is /mod, /admin, and /owner, but you also have to make the commands /fly (makes player fly), and/kickall (kicks all players from server except the person who did it). This is for my upcoming server, and whoever can make it, will become a admin rank.
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    Any permissions plugin can do this. PermissionsEx if configured correctly can just be a /pex promote name mod command. You can set a green prefix over the name. Also, the commands are part of essentials.
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    Except I don't want a Permissions plugin, it has to much other things that I don't need.
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    Really? The excuse is it has too much other things that you don't need?
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    Yes, it has to much other unnecessary things, I just need this simple plugin.
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    MineJaxMC Im sorry, NO ONE will make this.

    1) Permissions plugins are hard to make
    2) There are amazing permissions plugins that are easy to use
    3) Tuff luck. Either use a perm plugin or have fun with no ranks
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