Mobs won't spawn in Nether or The End

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ccrunner2009, Aug 18, 2013.

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    I am having trouble having mobs spawn in the nether and the end. In the 20 worlds I have on my server, I can toggle mobs on and off with /mv modify set monsters false _____. But for some reason, no mobs will spawn only in the nether and the end. I cant even use egss to spawn the mobs. Can someone help me? Thanks.
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    Damn I was hoping someone replied to this :( That is the E X A C T same problem that just randomly occured on my server! :( Accidentally did a /stop, which prior to that things were A-OK, then when the server comes back the only mobs that spawn are animals or in the nether/end. Eggs do not work, /summon does not work, normal vanilla mob spawners show mobs for a split second before disappearing, and it all persists through a restart... So confused. *sigh*

    EDIT: Oh pluck me lol It was Factions, because I changed the global json option to default of NO on Mob Spawning... I NEVER even considered that Wilderness is considered a faction :oops: Derp... Well hopefully this helps some other poor, stress, and confused sap! lol
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    ccrunner2009 as Formula350 said, it's likely that a plugin is causing your problem. Look around in your installed plugins.
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