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    The idea around mob camps is that there are special locations where specialized mobs can spawn. Essientialy you can set the area they can spawn, how many can spawn, how long after they are all killed do they respawn, and all the attributes of the mob.

    MobCamp process
    Mob camp would work in 4 steps:
    1. Creating mob
    2.Creating camp
    3.Setting Up the attributes of the camp
    4.Enabling the camp

    1.The Mob:
    To edit the mob that spawns you would open a config file and edit the attributes. It would be awesome if the plugin could fit in with the plugin "HealthBar" so that the mob could have a coustom name. The attributes moddified should be:
    Potion Effects
    The type of mob (zombie, skeleton, creeper ect.)
    The "HealthBar" coustom name.
    The refrenceable name (so it could be spawned in a camp)

    2.The Camp to set the camp area you would do a simple command and that would spawn the mobs. Doing somthing like /MobC camp create [Camp name] and the chunk the player was in at the time would be set as the area.

    3.Setting up Camp attributes
    Inorder to make the camp function, you would do a command like this: /MobC [campname] [mob refrence name] [ammountofmobsthatspawn] [Time between camp clear and camp respawn]

    /MobC camp create [CampName](creates camp)
    /MobC [campname] [mob refrence name] [ammountofmobsthatspawn] [Time between camp clear and camp respawn](sets the camp attributes)
    /MobC list (lists camps)
    /MobC Enable [CampName] (enables camp)
    /MobC Disable [CampName] (disables camp)

    mobc.all (access to all commands)
    mobc.list(lists all the camps)

    Thanks for reading!
    I realize that this plugin is HUGE and that it would take some time but if it was created and maintained it would be a dream come true for me. I am currently working on a server and this plugin is EXACTLY what we need. If this plugin exists and I am wasting your time then sorry! I have searched and searched for a plugun like this and I cant find one.

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    I like the idea and I'm going to make this.

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